Blog : Path of Exile Gearing and Trading Guide You Should Know

February 19, 2015 - Picking the best Path of Exile items and equipments would be one of the challenges you face forever. As long as you play the game, new content, new dungeons and patches are rolled out, your Exile's gear would always have to adapt and change. Visiting the Forums and checking your fellow Exile's stuff for sale is one way of checking what's available and what could work for you.
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Blog : Path of Exile Map Management

February 1, 2015 - One of the more unique features in Path of Exile that sets it apart from most other online role-playing games is being able to obtain maps that lead to new areas. They help keep the usually monotonous task of late-game farming relatively fresh and engaging, which is something that other games tend to falter in. While they are quite nice to have once you have finished the last act in the last difficulty, they can get daunting to manage all at once within the game.
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Blog : Separating the Garbage from Gold

January 17, 2015 - Diablo introduced what could be the largest inventory and equipment system to the MMORPG genre and Path of Exile is no different. Your Exile would encounter tons of useless gear throughout the journey and keeping a keen eye on what's to keep and not is crucial to build your Exile's inventory, and Currency Items.
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Blog : Path of Exile: How to Increase FPS (Decrease Lag)

January 2, 2015 - Laggy gameplay and poor or low FPS rates suck, for any online game, period. Whether you're playing shooters, driving, sports or an RPG online, these things usually add frustration and dissatisfaction towards the game, and in a worst case scenario, death or a loss. Follow these steps to improve your FPS and decrease lag: 1. Open the Path of Exile folder (depends on where you installed your game, default is Documents> My Games for Windows 8 and Program Files for Windows 7) 2.
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News : Lewt.Com Exciting Christmas Promos You Can't Afford To Miss!

December 23, 2014 -

December is perhaps the most awaited month in every year, and gamers are no exception in spreading the Christmas cheer. There is much to be excited about during the Holiday Season as we get under way with this year's Christmas promos

Enjoy the following deals throughout these two days:

Diablo 2:
Buy $5-$24.99 worth and get 10% discount off your cart!
Buy $25-$49.99 worth and get 12.5% discount off your cart!
Buy $50-$74.99 worth and get 15% discount off your cart!
Buy $75-$99.99 worth and get 17.5% discount off your cart!
Buy $100+ worth and get 20% discount off your cart! 

Path of Exile:
Buy $5-$49.99 worth and get 5% discount off your cart!
Buy $50-$149.99 worth and get 7.5% discount off your cart!
Buy $150-$249.99 worth and get 10% discount off your cart!
Buy $250-$499.99 worth and get 12.5% discount off your cart!
Buy $500+ worth and get 15% discount off your cart!

Our Christmas promo will begin on December 24, 2014, 12.00AM PST, and will end on December 25, 2014 PST, 11.59PM PST.

For any questions and suggestions, head on over to either our customer services or our special 24/7 live chat hotline and be helped by one of our personnel. Good luck, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you all.

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News : Path of Exile Content Update 1.3.0

December 12, 2014 -

Prepare a whole lot of grub, drinks and call in sick, Content Update 1.3.0 will roll out in few hours and there would be chaos everywhere. The game would be littered with Events for you to participate on for both PVE and PVP. Prove your build’s mettle and show people why your character needs to be feared.

Item Inventory sales would also begin at Day 1 so you better have deep pockets and grab everything needed to boost your character’s strength.

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Blog : Path of Exile Ice Spear Witch

December 11, 2014 - The witch still stands tall as the character class in Path of Exile with the greatest offensive potential due to the power of elemental magic. There are so many builds that incorporate the witch's capacity for unbridled power, whether it's fire, ice, or lightning in play. This build makes use of ice, and does so in a very straightforward manner.
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News : Diablo 2 Ladder Season 15 Updates!

December 4, 2014 -

A little late for this, but we've wrapped up our Diablo 2 Race to the Top Ladder Reset Competition. Thanks to all of those that participated! Hopefully you had as much sleepless fun as we did!

Now a bit of updates for our Diablo 2 inventories, you can find all sort of Unique Items, Magic Charms, Runes, and Runewords on New Ladder already, but since stock is limited, be sure to get them before they run out!

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Blog : Trusting Strangers in Path of Exile

December 1, 2014 - One of the great things about playing online role-playing games like Path of Exile is that you get to play it with many other people from different parts of the world. That social aspect of the genre is what made it boom since its rise in popularity back in the early to mid 2000's, and it continues to be a force in the gaming world.
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News : The Reset Is Happening Now!

November 25, 2014 -

You'll find you cannot log in to Ladder realms, but keep trying! Our Ladder Reset Competition starts the instant you can get in. We'll be keeping track of which prizes have been claimed so far at the links below.  If you're thinking about going for something, check there to make sure the prize is still available.  Good luck to everyone!

USEast Softcore Expansion

USWest Softcore Expansion

Europe Softcore Expansion

Asia1 Softcore Expansion

To claim your prize, you will send an email to contest@lewt.com with the following information:

Prize you believe you qualify for:
Mule account:
Mule account password:
PayPal or coupon:
PayPal email (if you opted for PayPal cashout):

A supervisor will verify your eligibility and that you have met the criteria necessary to claim a prize within an hour. If all is good, you will be awarded your prize and we will take back control of the mule account. 

And as a reminder, for Leveling competitionYou MUST create your character on a mule account that you received from a Lewt.com order no earlier than May 20th, 2014. Characters created on other accounts will not be accepted. If you do not have a Lewt mule account, you can get one for free with any purchase of at least one item. For Item Collector competition, you're not required to have a Lewt mule account, you can leave the item(s) on any mule account! Good luck!

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