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5 PoE Myths that are Killing Your Strategy

The beauty of online games is: rumors are everywhere. From secret dungeons, to hidden Path of Exile items, even tough as nails to unlock characters, we’ve heard all sorts of rumors for the games we play and Path of Exile is not a stranger from these rumors. Let’s take a look at some of the infamous rumors from PoE Forums and groups so far:

• Melee Class characters are inferior to Ranged/Spell classes – this rumor began on the official PoE Forums back in May and June 2013, and remains one of the rumors of the game. People who are adamant to this thought claim that the armor and monster strength is not balanced and causes unfair deaths for Melee class characters. They also claim that there are altered endurance and damage mechanics on monsters when a Ranged or Spell caster class attacks the monster.

This is completely false as the game system is far more balanced thanks to the free flowing Skill Tree. Players have a whole slew of skills and options to choose from in order to ensure their character’s survivability and damage dealing potential for a given scenario. Besides, if this was true, wouldn’t game devs have done something about it now and keep players who prefer Melee class happy?

• Evasion does not function – the problem with some players is: they expect that a 100% Evasion or any number close to that guarantees that monster attacks will miss. This thought is completely wrong. Any experienced console or MMORPG player knows that Evasion is not a bullet proof way of avoiding damage and should not be the sole defensive option for your character. Evasion and Vitality goes hand in hand on keeping your Exile alive.

• All Health Nodes must be activated – this rumor came after the first. People thought that towards the end game, all Health Nodes should have been nabbed just to have a chance on bosses such as Atziri.

You are given a limited set of Skill points as you go along the game. Activating all these nodes would cause you to go literally around the map and cause you to miss key offensive and defensive skills in the process. Having maxed out Life is pretty pointless if you only got a handful of offensive and defensive skills at your disposal.

• Graphics are pixelated and blocky – now, this is one funny thought towards PoE. Just think of it this way: do game companies that specialize in RPG games make their games using the same development tools, graphics software and manpower? The answer is no. Each person has their own preference. I am thinking that whoever started this may have preference geared towards anime style graphics and such. PoE’s graphics may not be top notch, but the game does not bank on eye candy. It relies on deep character development and endless hours of gameplay to draw players in.

• A hidden boss remains uncovered – this rumor boomed right after the Closed Beta version of the game. Certain people claimed that they discovered hints as to how the boss can be unlocked which drops awesome equipment. The entire game has been pretty much tried, tested and explored already. As far as experienced players of PoE are concerned: this is completely bogus.

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  •   5 PoE Myths that are Killing Your Strategy


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