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Beginner's Guide Infernal Blow Marauder Build

One feature of MMORPG's that really draw players in to it is character building. Picking a melee character doesn't mean you're all about swinging your Path of Exile items, it’s also about how you deal damage and what contingencies you have in store when things change in the battlefield. In fact there are so much builds available in Path of Exile that even newbies can enjoy the game without requiring them to dole out loads of money or complete mastery of their chosen character class.

Melee builds would be the preferred choice in Path of Exile. Nothing brings a player satisfaction more than bashing an opponent's head and decimating anything in their path. The Infernal Blow Marauder is an excellent build for newbies. The elements necessary to make this build effective are not too difficult.

To make things easy, here is a quick guide for this build. Begin by slaying Hillock and pick Ground Slam. Start the Egg quest then select Leap Slam. Use Leap Slam repeatedly until you acquire Melee Splash on Infernal Blow. Once done, continue with your quest and slay Merveil. At this point, I would suggest that you choose Life Gain on Hit if you're not confident of your equipment and overall toughness.

Moving on to Act 2, farm Fidelites until they drop the Warlord Mark. Finish the Sharp and Cruel quest after that to get Melee Splash again. For Act 3, work quickly through the Lost in Love quest to get Enduring Cry, then move on to the Sever the Right Hand quest to get Added Fire Damage, the skill that you passed on earlier on Act 1. By now, you should feel power brim through your character.

Once all of the quests above and rewards are acquired, time to grind on higher difficulty levels. Cruel and Merciless will be best. Do not forget to get Unwavering Stance when you have Iron Reflexes down to be immune against Stun attacks. Blood magic helps with Mana Consumption, giving you more room to spam on skills and massacre mobs quickly.

Infernal Blow needs the following gems too to maximize the Marauder build: Melee Splash (for mobs), Multistrike (for DPS), Life/Mana Leech (to survive longer) and Added Fire Damage. Leap Slam may use Faster Attacks to execute the skill quicker and Stun, stopping monsters on their tracks is always beneficial right? Warlord's Mark can be used anywhere too for its leeching properties and gaining Endurance Charge.

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  •   Beginner's Guide Infernal Blow Marauder Build


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