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Diablo 3 Infinite Templar Rush Monk

If you just made a monk and are looking to earn experience points quickly, then you should go for a build that will let you do so as efficiently as possible. That is what this build is for, letting you make use of infinite Templar Rush and Sweeping wind to tear mobs of enemies asunder quickly while moving. This is another one of those character builds that emphasizes on speed, making it ideal for leveling up. While it may not be best for high monster power levels, it does do its job extraordinarily well in lower monster power levels and lets you move from place to place really fast while mowing down enemies that get in the way.

This build does rely on high Spirit regeneration, but it's pretty flexible when it comes to choice of runes for some of the skills. If you have the right Diablo 3 items equipped, you can skip the runes that boost Spirit regen and focus more on damage. Your target Spirit regen rate for this build is 12 Spirit per second, so that should be your benchmark when considering skill runes.

Among the six skills you get for this build, four of them are mandatory. The first two are the central skills for this build, which are Tempest Rush and Sweeping Wind. For Tempest Rush, you would want to get the Tailwind rune since it increases your movement speed by 25%. As for Sweeping Wind, you can choose any of them that may fit your fancy, although Fire Storm clearly shows the most offensive potential.

Picking the third skill is a toss-up between Mantra of Conviction with Overawe and Mantra of Healing with Circular Breathing. Choose Mantra of Healing if you need more Spirit regen, or Mantra of Conviction if you can afford a more offensive option. Finally, there's Breath of Heaven with Blazing Wrath for outright damage output since it gives 15% more damage for 45 seconds.

The fifth skill is for generating Spirit, and you have two main choices here. Either Fists of Thunder and Deadly Reach, whichever you get to use more. This is dependent upon your playing style, and most players chose Fists of Thunder since it's more consistent. Before patch 1.0.7, Deadly Reach was a great choice as it permanently buffed the damage of Sweeping Wind. However, that has since been nerfed, so it is now less common.

In the final skill slot, you have three good choices. Serenity is a good choice since few seconds of invulnerability is quite invaluable if you're running in higher monster power levels. If you're in lower monster power levels, then you can consider the other two options. Wave of Light with Empowered Wave is for taking out mobs of enemies at once, although it's only for those who aren't that concerned with their current Spirit regen. You can also get Seven Sided Strike with Fulminating Onslaught for its offensive capabilities as well.

As for passive skills, you should get at least Chant of Resonance for the Spirit regen and The Guardians Path for its boost on two-handed weapons, which is what the Templar Rush monk is built for. Once you have all of these skills and runes sorted out, it's only a matter of fine-tuning your gear and stats to farm experience like no other.

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