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Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Preview

The release date for Reaper of Souls has been set -- March 25, 2014. With that, the pre-release timeframe has been squeezed down and all the details about the new Diablo 3 expansion has been released. There is now little left for speculation other than what the additions and changes will change the way that Diablo 3 is played. For those who have not been following the pre-release proceedings closely, but are still interested in knowing more about the new expansion, here is a short rundown of the features that Reaper of Souls is set to implement.

The new story in Act V will be set in the ruined city of Westmarch, with a new great enemy in the Angel of Death. Malthael and his minions laid Westmarch to waste, and your quest will take you through the city, across the murky Blood Marsh wetlands, and return to the lost strongholds of Pandemonium, which is now a far cry from its regal appearance in Diablo 2. That is where you will face Malthael in a final showdown to get the Black Soulstone back and save the world once again from seemingly insurmountable odds and threats.

If you have maxed out your current characters, you must now work towards getting further as the level cap will be increased to 70. Once you have gotten your characters to that new level cap and want to do something else other than try out the new Paragon 2.0 system, then you can try out the new character class, the hybrid tank Crusader. With a tower shield in one hand, a flail in the other, and decked out in full plate armor, the new strength-based mid-ranged melee class will be fully integrated to the game, including the base portions of the game.

There's also the new gameplay mode, which is Adventure Mode. While the Campaign Mode is the way we've always known Diablo 3, Adventure Mode has all the waypoints unlocked and players will be able to choose where they start with a map, with each location in the story as a node to give this game a more sandbox feel. You can then partake in Bounties and Nephalem Rifts, which are events to mix things up in the Adventure Mode. You can farm Diablo 3 items and fight various enemies in these new gameplay features that lets you get more replay value.

You also get the Mystic, which is an NPC that can transmogrify your items for you. There are also Blood Shards that you gain from Bounties and Nephalem Rifts which can then be converted into some randomly generated premium loot, so it would be great if you have lots of them and if you're trading them in on a particularly lucky day with the planets aligned and your room's feng shui set right. As for the existing character classes, their skills have been improved with the addition of three new abilities set for level 60 to 70 each, as well as new skill runes.

All of these things coming to the Diablo 3 in just a single expansion will definitely make the game much better and more of a varied experience, which is definitely something to look forward to.

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