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Game Tweaks in Path of Exile

One of the biggest concerns that all players have, not only with Path of Exile but also with other MMORPGs, is that Game Developers continuously tweak the game system, especially item affixes and suffixes. What it does is change or revises an item’s strength up or down thus affecting existing character PoE builds, Path of Exile items and gameplay.

If you visit Path of Exile related forums, then you should have seen one or two debates about it. More often than not, the argument is quite lengthy but very informative as both sides of the coin defend their point as to why patches or revisions are either beneficial or bad for them.

Let’s talk about players who protest against these tweaks. It’s quite understandable why they are against these changes with items. If you spent countless days hunting for a specific unique item or a good rare roll to maximize your build’s overall strength, then a soft reset of these items with weaker or lower values kills your build, not to mention the item’s value, diminishing your overall wealth. In case you’re still hunting for a specific item, if you find out that the item was “nerfed”, then it kills your motivation to hunt and farm for the item. It’s even sadder if there’s no alternative to the item yet which your build badly needs.

People claim that top tier items and their rolls from previous versions are nowhere near present rolls or newer items. Some even think that they shouldn’t have spent that much effort and time perfecting their build at the early stages of the game because their builds and Path of Exile item setups have been eclipsed by the recent tweaks and resets forcing them to quit or pull their game time down a few notches.

On the other hand, we have people who favors soft resets for the sole reason that they believe it balances the game. They point out that the Game Developers and programmers won’t touch an item’s values if they don’t really think it’s necessary. They put their faith on to the devs and programmers probably due to their experience with the game as well. I have seen a player emphasize that soft resets allow weaker players to get back on the right track, possibly even allow new builds to be discovered which is true.

What’s your stand about this topic? Are you in favor of securing your investment? Or would you welcome change and balance with open arms?

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