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New Chat Improvements in Path of Exile 2.3.2

The newest content patch update for Path of Exile included a lot of additions to the game, many of them having been requested by players for quite some time now. This included new 3D art for certain Path of Exile items, new Divination Cards, and so on. One of the things that really needed to be updated was the chat functionality in the game, and it seems like Grinding Gear Games has finally addressed something in terms of its user interface. Hopefully, more interface improvements will follow after this one.

It's not to say that the chat before was not functional; on the contrary. The chat in Path of Exile was quite alright for its intended utility, so there wouldn't have been much complaint about it alone. However, there were some things that could be improved upon, and Grinding Gear Games must have deliberated on this for quite some time now. Aside from letting players communicate with each other within the game, it was also where commands are typed in and executed to fulfill certain functions.

The improvements aren't that dramatic, but they have made the chat even more functional. They're nice additions that can help improve the social experience in the game. For instance, the inclusion of time stamps with each message can help with keeping tabs on each. It may not seem like much at first, but adding time stamps can help with reporting abuse and other violations done through chat, as well as providing added utility for players. Take note that the time stamps make use of a 24-hour time format, so you may want to get used to reading 5:00 PM as 17:00.

The chat interface itself has been made more visible so that chat is more readable and easier to use. Perhaps the most important function of chat in Path of Exile is for trading, which has been providing a less than satisfactory experience for players for a long time now. With the recent improvements, Grinding Gear Games is aiming to make trade chat even better than before, which is definitely a long time coming.

Of course, longtime players would be skeptical about these supposed improvements. It's not like they're being given what they needed in the game all the time; the developers have become rather infamous for being slow and sparse with their improvements on the game in recent years. Whether it's from not knowing about what players want at all or just being slow with developing and testing new features,

There are still a lot of other things that the game could use improvements on, like further performance optimization of the game client, enhancement of POE items interface, better trading system overall, and so on. The official forums is constantly inundated with requests and demands for improvements and additions, so it's not like Grinding Gear Games is totally unaware of what the players want. However, they do have to determine which ones are worth paying attention to, and it seems like they do pay attention. There just needs to be a bit of patience, but they're getting to it.

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