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Path of Exile Act 4 and Future PvP Updates

It seems that things are looking great for the future of Path of Exile as the development of the game's Act 4 is well under way. Currently, Grinding Gear Games states that it's now at 50% and will be released at early 2015. So far, the core PvE part of the game had been limited to three acts, which wasn't that hard to complete in normal difficulty. But with this new Act 4, players will be able to get more from the main story and see more of the forgotten island of Wraeclast.

There have been additional content since the first year of the game's official release, namely the two mini-expansions Sacrifice of the Vaal and Forsaken Masters. They have added more enemy types, new Path of Exile items, new areas, and many new features for players to get into and adds more to an already rich and expansive game. But with the addition of the fourth act to the main story, it makes the game itself even bigger by fleshing out more of its narrative and lore.

The PvP mode is also about to get a major update on December, which is to coincide with the first formal PvP season that will include a host of tournaments for competitive PoE players. The reason why it took this long is that PvP is just that hard to execute for online RPGs, including other prominent titles that have promised their own PvP ladder only to have it delayed time and time again and have players leave after waiting for nothing.

PvP balance is notoriously difficult, and it has been a major focus for Grinding Gear Games for a significant amount of time. Now that they have reached that point where they are confident enough to release it to the public, it is finally time for serious PoE players to get even more competitive and finally be able to pull out their strategies and the PvP builds that they have theorycrafted and discussed for so long.

The various PvP tournaments that they will be putting include a ladder season, as well as shorter PvP events and "multi-hour" tournaments with swiss pairings. There will also be a free-for-all tournament for those who really want to go wild with their badass characters. It seems that Grinding Gear Games really planned the PvP mode to be fun and exciting right off the bat and not just a formality to have something in the game that will draw players in.

Path of Exile now reportedly has 7 million players worldwide, which is a great achievement for any game. Grinding Gear Games noted that it was the game's release in Taiwan that got it past the mark in less than a month, having up to one million registered players from that region. The new expansion Forsaken Masters also helped get more players to register as well, so it seems that things are going well for the online action role-playing game from New Zealand.

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