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Path of Exile Ascendancy Unique Items

There is a whole lot of new content to be had in Ascendancy, the upcoming expansion for Path of Exile. At this point, we already know about the nineteen Ascendancy classes, the Trials of Ascendancy, the Lord's Labyrinth, and so on. There are also new item enchantments and other ways to strengthen your Path of Exile items. However, it's never a new expansion without new powerful unique items that you can look out for.

These new unique items don't necessarily follow a particular theme; they're just powerful unique items that are set to make Ascendancy more exciting for players. They're there to compliment all the other unique PoE items, as well as the new Ascendancy classes that will add even more new ways of playing the game. They're meant to be used as centerpieces for new builds that players may come up with once the new expansion goes live.

Malachai's Loop is a shield that makes gaining Power Charges so much easier, but at the cost of punishing those who get too greedy. It's great when combined with a spell like Discharge that lets you control how many Power Charges you keep at any time. Daresso's Passion is a one-handed sword (estoc) that grants you a bonus whenever you have no Frenzy Charges, but also makes it a lot easier to gain Frenzy Charges. Just like with Malachai's Loop, you should have something that lets you use up Frenzy Charges easily at the same time.

Glitterdisc is a shield that's most useful for leveling your character as it gives you extra protection against fire damage. The Writhing Jar is a curiously named flask that actually lets you summon enemies for you to kill, which is actually helpful if you have a build that focuses on Power or Frenzy charges and there's a lack of enemies around you at the moment. Varunastra is a Vaal Blade that counts as all one-handed weapon types so that you can pile on weapon-specific bonuses.

Aside from these new unique items, there's also that new skill called Sunder that was revealed recently. Sunder is an active skill gem that lets you strike the ground with such great force that chasms shoot forward to damage enemies in its path. It has a longer range than most other attack skills, letting you maintain distance from enemies and increase your survivability as long as you can keep them from reaching you. This new skill is available to those who first reach the Caverns of Wrath in Normal difficulty and can be used in maces, staves, and axes.

These and many more are to be expected once Ascendancy goes live on March 4th. Of course, results may vary with each player since everyone plays the game differently and find different parts of the game to be enjoyable. Whether you're just into the Ascendancy classes or just running through the Lord's Labyrinth, do know that this expansion has a lot of things that different players will find fun due to just how much additional content it's set to bring in, and these unique items are the cherry on that proverbial sundae.

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