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Path of Exile Awakening

Among all the popular online role-playing games available right now, Path of Exile seems to be one of those which gets a whole lot of praise. It is a genre that was once oversaturated, and it still kind of is, but the cream of the crop is now a lot more obvious and there isn't as much sub-par products to sift through in order to distinguish the good from the bad. It is one of the lightest MMORPGs to play, so if you’re looking to start your journey, here are some hassle-free tips:

With Path of Exile, it is known for its quality and depth, but some may feel that it is a bit too deep for the more casual online RPG fan, which should not be so since Path of Exile was designed to be accessible to both casual and hardcore gamers.

For those who are just dipping their toes into Path of Exile, there are plenty of beginners' guides out there to help you along, especially since this game has been officially out for quite a while now. However, the 2.0 update just recently dropped, so most of those beginners' guides may have either just semi-relevant or obsolete information. If you are just about to get into the game right now and have not looked into a starter guide just yet, then perhaps this one should get you started.

Upon starting a new account, go with the league that is selected by default for the most optimal learning experience, then select the character class of your choice. It is recommended that you first go with a melee or ranged class with one primary stat first, so either go with the Marauder or the Ranger. The character class dictates your look, starting position in the passive skill tree, and the skills accessible to you at an earlier time, although it does not necessarily limit you there permanently. The good thing with this game is that you can eventually choose your own path as you wish.

As a beginner, you would want to follow a build that makes the most of your chosen character class' strengths. In this case, a 2-handed build is best for a Marauder, while an elemental arrow build with a multiple target attack of some sort should do a Ranger nicely. You should then learn how to allocate points in the passive skill tree, how to add gems to Path of Exile items, what flasks are for, and so on.

You also learn more about Wraeclast, the exile world you now reside in. As you talk to NPCs in town, you receive quests and get rewarded when you complete them. Those quest rewards can come in quite handy; there are some pretty good PoE items among them. You then also learn more about currency items, which are the backbone of this game's economy. There is no gold or central currency here, just those currency items that also happen to be crafting items that come in handy throughout the game. The rarer and more useful the item, the more valuable it is.

There is still a lot more that you can uncover as you play this game, but those are the things you need to remember for now as you play through the game at whatever pace you desire. You may leave your first character behind to create a better character, but the time spent on that first one is not wasted as it is a part of everyone's learning experience in the game. As with most online role-playing games, Path of Exile is all about the journey and less about the destination, whatever it may be.

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