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Path of Exile Best Beginner Character

Among all the other online games out there, Path of Exile does stand out quite a bit for what it is. This game is not exactly a cakewalk, to say the least. It prides itself on being a whole new way to play MMORPGs, so it may not be the most welcoming game to play for beginners who are looking to be absorbed into a world of peril and adventure. For those who may be intimidated with the choice of coming up with a character that will serve as a vessel for those in-game journeys, then an easy-to-play and safe character build is needed to break the player in.

While the PoE items are crucial to making any kind of strong character, this particular character build is designed for survivability at any level of play. Anyone who can get a handle of the basics in gameplay should be able to play the following character build with some level of competence as to stay alive and kill whatever needs to be killed. Out of all the character classes in the game, the Ranger does have the balance between reliability and ease of use due to being a ranged character focused on pure dexterity.

Once you've gone for the Ranger, you'll have to determine what build you give it. First off, you should decide on your primary skill, which should be Lightning Arrow. You get great AoE effect with potentially high damage, as well as great synergy with Life Gain and Life Leech support skills. Having all of these will make your character almost impervious to any threat forthcoming, which is the point of a safe character build in the first place. Lightning Arrow is the foundation of this build, while the passive skills you get is your backbone.

For supports, you can also have Frenzy or Elemental hit, which are both great choices for this build. Frenzy may be more versatile as a whole, although you have to get through through a quest. As for Elemental Hit, it's quite powerful if you're using a fast bow, but you have to get lucky since it comes from a PoE item drop. Clearly, these really are the recommended options for this game, but it will take some digging around. In the meantime, you'll have to make due with just Life Gain and Life Leech, which isn't too bad anyway.

You can also get others like Wrath, Anger, and Grace, which can do well with Blood Magic. Enfeeble with Elemental or Projectile Weakness will also work since it matches well with Pierce for more damage. As for passive skills, you can concentrate on either elemental or physical damage, depending on the Path of Exile items you go for. As for the rest of your equipment, you should go for pure evasion with lots of life bonuses. Avoid crit chance and multipliers since you'll be using Resolute Technique.

There are a lot more to this character build, but these basics can already take you far. If there is a character build that can help you learn the game and have you feel your way around without being too much of a pain, then this should do the trick.

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