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Path of Exile Endgame

If you happen to have finished the game's storyline in all of the difficulty levels, you may find it a bit difficult to find more things to do in the game, especially if you're not playing with a group. The endgame is something that action role-playing games have always struggled with, especially if the character is either at max level or near it. If it's the latter, then players may still push to get it up to the level cap, but there's not much else after that other than playing a new character altogether.

But in Path of Exile, there are a few more things that you can do aside from just farming Path of Exile items. Grinding out the last few bits of experience need not be tough, so long as you know where to do it. For instance, if you are at around level 50, then you can farm in the Docks until level 74 with relative ease since that area is one of the best places to farm experience and items in Path of Exile.

You can challenge yourself during this time by attempting to run the Docks in less than 10 minutes once you've reached level 62 as that will give you 20% to next level up in every run, so getting a level every hour is a good idea. When you get to level 73, you should get 8% per run, which is still pretty good, but that's also the consequence of diminishing returns. It also depends with what class you're playing, what build you're using, and your overall playing style.

Benchmarks for this part of the game are at least 2,000 health or 3,000 energy shield, as well as max elemental resistances. If you don't have these, then you'll have to grind it out in the weaker areas until you get the equipment to fulfill these criteria or you will find yourself dying all the time in those harder areas.

Aside from hitting the available areas, you can also make use of maps, which let you access new areas to explore and farm in. When you get to level 75, leveling up really starts to slow down to a crawl, so you'll have to find a way to reach level 100 while still having fun in the game. That's when you start looking for maps and playing in groups in areas like Lunaris Temple to fill that tremendous gap that can only be filled by time and effort.

Most builds are meant to be at level 90 at most anyway since getting to level 100 takes so long, so it's your decision whether you're going to actively get there or take your time. At this point, farming items take a greater precedence, but that is if you don't decide to move on to another character or league.

Path of Exile does have endgame options, which is great for players who have put a lot of time and attention to the game through their high-level characters. Grinding Gear Games are also adding more content, like the Sacrifice of the Vaal expansion just recently. By the time you encounter the need for them, you should know enough about the game to know what to do for the most part.

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