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Path of Exile Enhancing Poison System

One of the many great things about Path of Exile is the variety of ways you can do offense. Whether it's with full-on physical damage, magic spells that do tons of AoE damage, arrows with your bow, or so on, players are basically spoiled for choice. Now there's another way to hit hard and fast with the new poison system. Poison had been there for a while now, but Grinding Gear Games had seen fit to enhance it further to make it more interesting.

At first, it had been a themed extra reward that converts 20% of attack damage as Chaos Damage over 2 seconds. Poison was also added to some unique Path of Exile items to give them some increased damage. While poison had played a role for a while, there was not much else to it. It was just something that happened in the background, and most people never even minded it at all. Its effects were positive for players, but also ultimately negligible. That's why they thought of doing something about it now.

Grinding Gear Games came up with a few things to tweak the poison mechanic. First of all, they introduced tools to let dexterity-aligned characters be able to specialize in poison without having to be limited to just daggers or a handful of unique PoE items. Also, poison can now have multiple stacks instead of just dealing the damage of the highest hit similar to Ignite. This change means that poison now scales better and can remain viable towards the end game.

Poison can now be used through both chaos and physical damage, which means you don't have to always make your poison build be focused on auras and/or elemental supports to get damage boosts. There's now a support gem that both increases poison damage and gives skills poison. You can now have physical skills like Ethereal Knives deal poison, thus making poison more flexible and give many builds another option for delivering damage.

There are now also passive skills in the tree for Chaos, Damage Over Time, and increases to Poison. For instance, there's now a passive skill called Fatal Toxins, which gives 100% increased poison damage. As for active skills, Viper Strike will now always apply poison instead of its own buff, and also with a much higher duration. This will reward those who specialize in poison.

There's also an improvement of Melee Strike, which should give it more longevity. Perhaps it can also be enhanced with poison. However, the active skill Poison Arrow will not be changed to use this new poison mechanic and it will instead have its name changed to prevent confusion. There will be more changes in the future to accommodate the new poison system, thus expanding horizons for Path of Exile ever further.

This is just one of the many things that Grinding Gear Games has been doing to further evolve Path of Exile into a league of its own as a free-to-play online action role-playing game.

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