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Path of Exile Explosive Arrow Scion Build Guide

Elemental archer builds will always have a place in Path of Exile, but having elemental damage in your arrows may not be enough for some. Therefore, here is a build that makes those arrows explode upon impact, which brings in even more damage. With the right Path of Exile items, gems, and passive skills, you too can turn your bow into a rocket launcher of sorts through this build, especially if you're playing a Scion.

The Explosive Arrow Scion build is fairly straightforward, especially for those who like playing archer builds. If you want really fast clear speeds in solo play with great survivability, then this build is for you. However, this is not for those who want wicked DPS numbers; this build is not necessarily for that. It must be understood that total DPS is not the be-all-end-all stat for determining how powerful a character is. You won't need that much DPS for this build since you're going to be blowing enemies away, after all.

The way Explosive Arrow works is that each arrow is a short duration fuse, and additional arrows extends that duration. When that enemy dies or the fuse expires, the arrow explodes to deal area of effect fire damage to nearby enemies. The more arrows stuck into an enemy, the high the damage. You can shoot a number of arrows into one enemy, then shoot more arrows into another enemy. The possible result is a chain of explosions that can clear the screen, as long as you do it right. This is why DPS is not of major concern here; it's all about the burst damage.

Your main weapon should be socketed with Explosive Arrow, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Fire Penetration, Increased Area of Effect, Life Leech, and Faster Attacks. You can also have a single target weapon if you wish, although that's optional at best. Everything else would need something like Cast When Damage Taken, Arctic Breath, Greater Multiple Projectiles, and Warlord's Mark or Temp Chains on a 4-link item. There's also Frost Wall, Flammability, Blood Rage, and Faster Casting on another 4-link item. Everything else is up to you, maybe another Cast When Damage Taken with a Flame or Chaos Golem.

Speaking of the main weapon, if there are PoE items you must have here, it's most likely Quill Rain. It has the fasted attack speed of any weapon in the game, so you can send arrows down range like a machine gun. However, it does have the drawback of 50% less weapon damage, but there's no need to worry about that. A cool thing about Explosive Arrow is that it's not affected by the modifier "Less Weapon Damage" because the skill doesn't deal weapon damage at all.

With everything in place, you'll be making things explode all over the place, no matter how many enemies you're up against at the moment. It's a fun archer build to play with that works best with the Scion, but perhaps you can try it out with a Ranger or Shadow to see if it works for them as well.

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  •   Path of Exile Explosive Arrow Scion Build Guide

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