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Path of Exile Flameblast Templar Build

When comparing the Marauder with the Templar, the former seems to be the more badass looking and tends to be played more due to simplicity of having only one primary stat and the offensive potential. The latter tends to fall by the wayside at first, but more players are now understanding just how powerful the Templar truly is, and builds like the Flameblast Templar has made the bearded stalwart such a powerful force in the game.

As the name implies, this is all about using Flameblast for most of your offensive needs, making sure that no one gets past you without being set alight. You can start leveling up with this right at the very beginning once you get it from Brutus, and you'll see how good it is as soon as you turn the first unfortunate victim to ash.As you progress, Flameblast should then be supported by Faster Casting, Increased Burn Damage, Elemental Proliferation, and Fire Penetration for speed, bigger damage, and area of effect.

You must then look to incorporate auras to the Templar, namely Discipline, Clarity, and Purity of Fire to counter Reflect. Concentrated Effect adds more to the carnage, but most would think that this is dangerous for the build, which is why you need some insurance. That's where Arctic Armour comes in, which serves as sort of like your fireproofing. Without it, the build won't be as good and you'll just make yourself look silly as a result, so get it as soon as you can. There's also the question of Ignite, which there's no need of anyway since Flameblast gains chance to ignite as it levels up anyway, so you can just use Increased Burning Damage instead.

With the passive skill tree, you should begin by going for Amplify, then going down towards Templar HP/Regen. You should then go towards Holy Fire while taking Prestidigitation along the way for more mana and faster cast speed. You should then take Purity of Flesh, then up to Eldritch Battery, and then to Fire Walker and/or Immolation. The idea is to bolster your Templar as a magic user to have a gigantic pool of mana while still keeping survivability a top priority.

As far as gear goes, Pandemonium Veil seems like a good idea here, as well as Eagle Mantle, Rupture Spur, Victory Grip, and Death Thread. As for your weapon, one that grants bonuses to your fire damage should do well here. There are also other variations possible with this build, like whether you want to go for a critical or non-critical build, as well as making it more tanky or more offense-focused. If you're confident, you may forgo a shield in favor of a two-handed weapon that will grant you a lot more damage.

You can also add other active skills like Ethereal Knives and Power Siphon, or something like Determination for more armor. In fact, they're all applicable for this build, as long as you have the slots to put those gems in. But as long as you have that augmented Flameblast with you, enemies will burn in your wake.

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