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Path of Exile: Frostbolt and Vortex

Even though it may seem like there can no longer be more new ideas for new active skills, which are already numerous in the game, here are two more that should get players interested. Active skills in Path of Exile have three factors going for them—how effective they are, how they synergize with passive skills and Path of Exile items, and (most importantly) how cool they look. With these two new ones, they seem to tick all three of those boxes.

These two new skills—Frostbolt and Vortex—are coming with the 2.3.0 content update, introducing new ways to play in challenge leagues. Both cold skills, you can become even more of an iceman (or icewoman, or iceperson; whatever makes you happy) through more creative ways in delivering cold damage. The thing with these two skills is that they were designed to interact with each other, so you may actually want to make use of them together for best results. That means you can come up with a special character build that can go with this combo.

Frostbolt is a slow-moving piercing projectile available at lower levels and is great for taking out mobs, especially when combined with Lesser Multiple Projectiles. When used in tandem with Ice Nova, it can prove to be a potent room-clearing combination. You can target Ice Nova on a Frostbolt to have it cast wherever the Frostbolt is. Since Frostbolt doesn't travel that fast, it shouldn't be hard to target with your mouse, so all you need to do is time it to set it off when it's near enemies. You can take out loads of enemies this way without having to get close, thus boosting your survivability.

Vortex is a large burst of cold damage almost like Ice Nova, but it goes on to create a powerful cold vortex around the player or target, thus the name. You can use this like Ice Nova on a Frostbolt, thus achieving a similar, but more powerful effect and leaving a vortex to damage remaining enemies as well. You can do the combo fast when you get used to it, thus leaving multiple Vortexes around a wide area while standing still, clearing enemies out as you go.

It's basically a one-two punch that can turn your character into a terrifying cold master. You can freeze and kill just about anything that tries to come your way, and there's nothing they can do about it other than slow down and let the bite of the cold take them. It looks cool on paper and even better in the actual game, wherein you can just leave everything you walk through frozen in ice.

This combo is great for anyone who has an affinity for ice magic and anything cold. There are surely other ways to pull something like this off, but doing it with these new skills and new PoE items can be quite an experience, especially for those who have more or less done it all in Path of Exile.

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