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Path of Exile Guide to 20% Quality Gems

There rarely is anything in any kind of game that gets added or discovered later past release that changes the way people play it, but those that do occur tend to seem like magic bullets that supposedly make things so much easier. Perhaps the same can be said of the 20% Quality Gem Recipe in Path of Exile, wherein it actually did become a game changer in terms of how players can effectively improve their characters towards the endgame without having to spend so much like before.

Take note though that with the economic system of this game and the nature of the Path of Exile items, you'll need to consider a few things when it comes to getting 20% quality gems in the game. This is a vendor recipe, so you must first collect all the components and make sure that you are familiar with the recipe itself before proceeding to prevent last-minute heartache and hair-splitting.

The recipe is simply any level 20 gem and 1 Gem Cutter's Prism that is traded to any vendor. This gives you the same gem that you put in, but now at level 1 with 20% quality. The additional quality makes the gem much more powerful than its normal counterparts, but the amount of time investment you have to put into leveling a gem to 20 is quite daunting.

It's worth noting that when leveling up gems, they don't need to actually be in your current weapon set. You can just put them in sockets of your alternate weapon set and leave them there to level up. This makes leveling up gems a lot more convenient and efficient without occupying sockets that you need for your current weapon set, which would most likely upset your character build if otherwise.

Efficiently farming gem levels is a bit simpler than farming player XP points since gems don't suffer XP penalties. Of course, if you're already farming XP points, then you don't need to go somewhere else to farm gem levels since you're already on it. But if you're either already in max level or just want to focus on one task at a time, then perhaps you could use an alternative method then.

The fastest way for you to farm gem levels is to go to the highest level zone where you previously farmed in that is no longer viable for your character, either from XP penalties or enemies becoming too easy. Since gems don't get XP penalties, farming in those locations should still yield full XP points. Since you'll be so much stronger this time around, you should be able to accumulate XP points for your gems very quickly while killing everything in sight.

You can even try to come up with the best possible location for farming gem levels by trying out different locations and recording how much XP points for your gem that you can farm in a set amount of time. The one with the highest yield should be where you do most of your gem level up. In no time, you should have a pile of gems that you can turn into 20% Quality Gems for either personal use or for trading.

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