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Path of Exile Ice Spear Witch

The witch still stands tall as the character class in Path of Exile with the greatest offensive potential due to the power of elemental magic. There are so many builds that incorporate the witch's capacity for unbridled power, whether it's fire, ice, or lightning in play. This build makes use of ice, and does so in a very straightforward manner. The concept of this build is simple enough to understand and pull off, and it is rewarding due to its potential for letting players fight against the toughest of foes.

Of course, the primary active skill is Ice Spear. The reason why it is chosen as the focal point of this build is due to its high critical chance that makes it good for this application, and its ability to freeze enemies for effective crowd control is a good bonus. The main support gem to strengthen Ice Spear for this build is Elemental Proliferation for obvious reasons, as well as Increased Crit Damage to make the most of the high critical chance. Greater Multiple Projectiles and Faster Casting compound its effectiveness, as well as Spell Echo. If you happen to get a 6-link item, then these are what you should go for.

This build also has some clever mechanisms for survivability, with most of it being composed of elemental resistances and a lot of energy shield. But what really makes this build great for surviving against big mobs of enemies is chaining mass freezes that stops enemies on their tracks. This capacity for crowd control enables the witch to dispatch them at a reasonable distance as long as the player is able to hit everything in sight at a reasonable speed. That explains the support gems needed to augment Ice Spear.

In the end, you should have a maxed out critical strike multiplier of around 700 or more with around 600% critical chance and maxed out freeze duration. As for Path of Exile items, most of the gear needed are rare items, so it's actually not that hard to pull off at all. There is an emphasis on increased energy shield and elemental resistances though for survivability, so you still need to farm and trade a bit to get what you need. But since it doesn't make use of a lot of uniques, then you shouldn't be too hard pressed when it comes to gear.

The only big unique you will need is Doryani's Invitation, which increases cold damage by 30% and also gives elemental resistances, armour, and increased flask effect. You can also get Berek's Grip and Windscream, but only if they are available to you. The good thing about this build is that most of its power is drawn from what makes this game great in the first place, which is the passive skill tree.

The Ice Spear Witch build is a simple build in concept, but can take you far as long as you know where to get what you need and how to play it. Unlocking the power of cold with this build can help you make the most of this game by the way of powerful magic.

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