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Path of Exile Ice Trap and Cluster Trap Support Gem

As we wait for the Ascendancy expansion to come out later this March, Grinding Gear Games have introduced some new skills to add even more diversity to builds in the game now—as if there isn't already enough diversity. This time, there is a new trap skill that's quite literally cool and a support gem that makes it even more powerful.

There is the Ice Trap, and then there is the Cluster Trap support gem. It seems like the developers are paying more attention to traps here, and rightly so as there are a lot of interesting possibilities with skills like this. Traps make for more tactical gameplay that feels very rewarding when players are able to pull them off successfully. Therefore, Grinding Gear Games focus on skills like this should be appreciated.

First off, Ice Trap is an area of effect skill usable at level 28 that looks great and dishes out cold effects. There are already plenty of fire and lightning skills going about in the game, so it seems like giving more attention to cold spells should be a good one. The area of effect on this one is fairly substantial, and combining that with its effect should make for a reliable skill for getting through late Act 3 and Act 4.

This skill is great for kiting mobs of enemies. As they chase you, put this down on the ground in front of them and it will hit just about anything that walks up to it. The enemies then get hit with cold effects and be slowed down, letting you control the crowd coming after you and increase your survivability. It also synergizes very well with Cluster Trap, which is the second new skill that Grinding Gear Games has added.

Cluster Trap is a support gem works well with just about any trap skill, letting you throw down 4 additional traps to cover more ground. These additional traps are placed at random in a radius around the target location, and they do less damage than normal. Despite that, it should help you hit even more enemies in high-pressure situations and kite even more effectively as a result.

There's also another thing that works great with Cluster Trap. You may use Sunblast, the unique PoE item, to detonate all the traps you've set and do massive damage. This is great when up against a boss, letting you do tons of damage and stay alive, not to mention that it's a cool way to kite an enemy in the game. It may take a bit of practice, but this tactic could potentially be your bread and butter if you so choose.

With these two gems in one of your Path of Exile items, you can go up against many and win the day. Both these new skills give us a bit of a clue to what direction Grinding Gear Games is taking in the continued development of the game. January isn't even over yet, and yet it seems that Path of Exile could be up for a pretty good 2016 after all.

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