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Path of Exile Increased Item Quantity and Rarity

There have been some questions regarding Increased Item Quantity and Increased Item Rarity in Path of Exile, and it does sound like something that can be very confusing for newer players. It's one of the game mechanics that sets Path of Exile apart from other MMORPGs, and it is important to know what they're about in order to progress further in this game. It's not really that complicated after all, and it can be thoroughly explained in the following guide.

First of all, it is important to note that Increased Item Quantity (IIQ) and Increased Item Rarity (IIR) combined is what is known as Magic Find (MF). More experienced Action RPG players would know what that means and should be able to figure out in time what IIQ and and IIR are. As for the less experienced, a brief rundown may be necessary.

Increased Item Quantity is the number of items dropped by the monsters you kill, so having 100% IIQ means you get twice as many items. IIQ affects both equipment drops and currency, so it's considered more valuable than IIR most of the time. Increased Item Rarity determines whether the item dropped will be normal (white), magic (blue), rare (yellow) or unique (orange), and having 100% IIR means you get twice as many rare and magic items than usual. The main difference between the two is that IIQ increases all drop rates, while IIR only improves your chances to get rare or unique items.

The use of wording in Path of Exile can be quite thick and can some time to fully comprehend at first, but there is no stat that dictates whether items dropped will have +Quality on them or not. Whether Path of Exile items, gems, and flasks have +Quality on them is totally random. It must be said though that having more IIQ could help improve your chances to get more +Quality items since it increases the amount of items dropped outright.

As for the comparison between the two, IIQ is usually seen as better than IIR due to how it affects currency drop rates in addition to equipment drop rates. If you�e focusing on high MF though, you should get into having a balanced mix of both stats. For instance, if you have about 50% IIQ on, you should try to get at least 150% IIR to get better results. It's alright to just focus on one over the other, but it won't be as good as having a mix of both.

As far as efficiency in getting good drops is concerned, both working in unison should be considered. But if you farm in groups most of the time though, having more IIR is paramount since a full group would already have +250 IIQ. Maps also give some bonuses to IIQ as well, so you don't really need it as such, so you may want more IIR to get the best effect.

Take note that there is the factor of diminishing returns to consider with high amounts of both IIQ and IIR, and yet there is also no real sweet spot of an optimal value of both stats that outright exists. Just get as much of both and consider your farming conditions in order to get the most out of your pursuit for the best PoE items.

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