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Path of Exile Infernal Blow Marauder

There is no shortage of character builds that come out of the woodwork in Path of Exile, including ones that are good for beginners and action role-playing game players who are making their very first character here. In such cases, beginner-friendly builds that don't need expensive equipment are needed to get their feet wet in this game and make things easier later on once they move on to make another character.

In most cases, ranged characters are best for this due to higher survivability compared to melee characters. But in this game, melee combat is what most people want at first as it offers kinesthetic appeal and a rewarding feeling every time they get to crush an undead skull with a mace. That's where the Marauder comes in, the melee class that is all about crushing things.

The Infernal Blow Marauder is one of the better builds for this class that could be pulled off by a beginner as it doesn't take much in terms of Path of Exile items. All it really needs is a good progression and some dedication in order to get the full build down. In addition to the passive skills that you need, which you can find in similar online guides on this build, there should be a certain progression with what quest rewards you get when going for this build.

In Act 1, get Ground Slam after killing Hillock, and get Infernal Blow when you've finished the quest with the eggs. After Brutus, get Leap Slam and use it until you get Melee Splash on your Infernal Blow. Once you've killed Merveil, choose between Added Fire Damage or Life Gain on Hit, the latter of which is recommended if you're worried about survivability.

The succeeding acts need two each. For Act 2, you can get Warlord Mark after killing Fidelitas in the Chamber of Sins, and you can get Melee Splash that will work with Infernal Blow when you complete the quest Sharp and Cruel. That's when you'll really see thing explode, which is what this build is all about. As for Act 3, get Enduring Cry after the Lost in Love quest, and Added Fire Damage or Life Gain on Hit after the Sever the Right Hand quest, whichever you didn't pick in Act 1.

You then move on to Cruel and Merciless difficulties, wherein you just farm levels as high as you can. In Cruel though, there are a few things to take care of, like getting Unwavering Stance when you get Iron Reflexes in order to get stun immunity. Also, you'd want to use Blood Magic until level 80+, in which case you'll finally be able to support the mana cost.

With items that you can put Infernal Blow in, you can include support gems in the following order: Melee Splash, Multistrike, Melee Physical, Life/Mana Leech, Added Fire Damage. As for those with Leap Slam, you can add Faster Attacks, Stun, and Endurance Charge on Melee Stun. Everything else has stuff like Warlord's Mark, Enduring Cry, Blood Rage, and Cast when Damage Taken.

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