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Path of Exile – Is The Breach League All That Hard?

Path of Exile’s Content Update 2.5.0 features the Breach League, a set of new challenges, a new economy, and new Breachlords. It’s been about a couple of weeks since the release of the Update, so we now have some perspective of the new update, especially with time and experience on our side.

By design, Breaches are alternate realms, which makes them avoidable content, should you choose not to enter them and engage the enemies with the Breach. Hence, they demand players to make a decision – to enter the Breach to try to gain more Path of Exile items, experience, and the rewards, or to spend their game playing time in other parts of the game.

For seasoned players, the difficulty in Breach is just right. There are, however, situations where you would get slowly overwhelmed, losing control of the situation in an escalating fashion. It ma feel like a Beyond map, but without the inevitable spawn. Players must take responsibility for their decisions to enter a Breach, and with that much agency to account for; their participation is what makes the Breach Challenge League a good one.

Of course, there are some frustrating, if not downright unfair, instances where players get attacked by invisible monsters. This usually comes as a surprise at first, but after the initial shock, getting attacked and defeated by these unseen enemies can become quite annoying after a while.

Lightning Orbs are also not popular PoE items; being relatively difficult to see, while also dealing heavy damage depending on what character build you happen to be using.

Additionally, some players may feel that balance can be further tuned, as Auras such as Soul Eater are slightly skewed. Breaches vary in difficulty according to location. Breaches that occur close to a wall allow players to gain control of the battle. In contrast, breaches that happen in wide-open spaces allow enemies to attack in swarms more readily. Hopefully the developers over at Grinding Gear Games will find a way to make this small detail of the Breach Challenge League more balanced.

Cruel and Merciless Breach Leagues are often seen as overtuned, especially for players who are low on Path of Exile items, inadequate life levels, and other areas that need work. Upon acquiring the first endgame gear pieces, however, Breach Challenges become more enjoyable. This phenomenon may be explained by the fact that many players try to level up as quickly as possible, at the expense of not acquiring enough gear in the process.

Path of Exile continues to be a game where clear speed is very relevant to success. Strong attack strategies tend to be the best defensive strategies. This philosophy favors the builds that happen to be fast. Slow builds simply cannot kill enemies fast enough to survive a swarm of enemies, while keeping the Breaches open long enough to acquire a satisfying number of items. For players who welcome the challenge, however, the Breach Challenge League presents just enough of a challenge to keep them playing the game for hours on end, despite the areas that could use some improvement.

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