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Path of Exile Patch 2.2.1d Update

The release of Ascendancy and the current season have been well underway for quite a while now. It has mostly been smooth after the initial hiccups with server issues during the launch of the new expansion, but there are still a few little issues that can use some straightening out. That's what this latest patch update is for, and while it's not a really big patch, it's still relevant to players of the game right now.

The first major fix is making the unique Path of Exile item called The Writhing Jar no longer refill in your Hideout. For those who are unaware, The Writhing Jar is a flask that recovers life and mana instantly and summons 2 enemy Writhing Worms when used. The problem with having it refill in Hideouts is that you can summon a lot of those worms, thus having you suffer performance issues that can eventually disconnect you from your game.

Also, there was a bug that made the item create Writhing Worms that were too high level. The Writhing Jar itself is just incredibly powerful to the point of players expecting an inevitable nerf, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps the same can be said of a lot of the PoE items that were recently introduced in Ascendancy.

Another major fix is that Perandus monsters can no longer summon skeletal mages. This is because of performance issues once again, with the said skeletal mages having so much overhead that they had to be scrapped in favor of making sure that players don't get disconnected or crashed out of the game because of them.

Everything else is minor bug fixes in certain areas that were brought to Grinding Gear Games' attention in recent weeks. There had been improvements that have now fixed issues with enchantments for challenges, as well as fixes for issues with some skills like Contagion and Ancestral Protector. There's also one where the unique item Allure counted as gloves when checking credit for the 'Buy These Items' challenge.

They're generally things that had been annoying in the game for some time that finally got straightened out. There are also other graphical and technical fixes that should make the game look and play slightly better. Much of them were done to address things that were overlooked during the release of patch update 2.2.1 a number of days before this update. It added a number of things that have made the current iteration of the game and the Ascendancy expansion just a bit better.

Aside from that, there's also an update with the Solaris Mystery Box, which is on sale right now until the end of the Perandus Leagues, which is on May 30. These boxes basically grant one random Solaris-themed microtransaction items upon use. The PoE items it yields are equivalent to at least the value of the box itself, which is 25 points (just in case you're worried about being ripped off by it). All in all, it has 32 prizes that include two new armor sets.

That's it for now with this particular patch update. It does look like the game is mostly doing well a few weeks after the release of the new expansion. If you wish to look for more information on this, then you should find it on Path of Exile's official forums.

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