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Path of Exile Patch 2.2.2 Update

The new 2.2.2 patch update for Path of Exile should be up by now, and it seems to be a rather substantial one. Most of it works to further improve on the Ascendancy expansion, as well as be a stepping stone on the way to version 2.3.0. While it may be ignored by many, it should still be noted that there are some pretty interesting things about this particular content update.

The biggest of the new additions is the Labyrinth leaderboards. While met with acclaim, the Labyrinth isn't without those who think it's either too hard or too risky for play, thus making it more like a gaping hole in a lot of players' experience of the game. Perhaps by providing a leaderboard, it can both reward those who do dare to enter it and come out alive and attract more players to give it a shot somehow.

The Labyrinth leaderboards are unique for each difficulty and each league. Eligibility for the leaderboard entails the following criteria: You must enter the Labyrinth alone and complete it before the daily change to the next layout. To qualify for the Normal leaderboards, you must be level 40 or lower. For the Cruel leaderboards, you must be level 60 or lower.

There are also other things like a new unique Jewel, a new Intelligence/Dexterity skill gem called Summon Lightning Golem, a new unique amulet that can be created through a vendor recipe, and so on. Other than that, there have been balance changes and other bug fixes. But then, another 2.2.2 update came out with more additions and more issues addressed.

The 2.2.2b patch update added a new vendor recipe item called the Book of Regression, which reduces the current level of your character by one. While some may think of character level reduction as ridiculous and useless, perhaps the Labyrinth leaderboards and the level requirements for each difficulty may have something to do with it.

Imagine, if you will, that you were gunning for top spot in the Normal leaderboards, but you then leveled up to 41. You can then only qualify for the Cruel leaderboards, and you may not want that just yet. That's where the Book of Regression can come in, giving you more flexibility with your choices in the game. The book is not tradeable, so you can only get it through the recipe.

The recipe itself requires just an Orb of Scouring and a Scroll of Wisdom. Do take care when you use the book though as you may disable PoE items with certain level requirements if you're not careful. Also, you must have an unallocated Passive Skill Point in order to use this Path of Exile items; another reason why you need to think very carefully whenever you're about to acquire a passive skill in the tree.

This is a fairly interesting patch update as there are a lot of things that it could've just been another one full of bug fixes and nothing else, and most players would only take notice if there is a major nerf or two involved. However, it seems like Grinding Gear Games is still coming up with new ideas to implement in the game that can make things better in different ways in the game, which is indeed welcome.

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