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Path of Exile - Planning Racing Builds

One of the things that make Path of Exile unique, among many other things that have been discussed repeatedly before, is the concept of racing. It is basically a league wherein players join in and have a limited time frame to level a character as high as they can. Races require deep knowledge in which character class and what build is best, where to get Path of Exile items quickly, and where to farm experience quickly.

In preparation for any kind of race, players must have a plan beforehand that they can go with throughout the whole ordeal in order to farm as much experience as possible. This means having a build that dealt damage as quickly and as much as possible. Coming up with numbers that will make for the most efficient character build means that players have to get into a degree of specificity that is normally absent in softcore and even in hardcore leagues.

The criteria involved in this planning process include just enough damage that enables one-hit kills with a chosen AoE skill but not too much as to be a waste, tons of attack speed, even more movement speed, and the right amount of survivability that lets you stay alive while not needing to be completely impervious. Once such a build has been theorycrafted, that's where the various hardships in execution come in.

For instance, you would never know what PoE items you get to pick up along the way, whether they're good or bad. That's the more luck-based part of the race as item drops are mostly up to chance. This is where having contingencies come in as being able to adjust your build accordingly to the current gear gives players an extra edge over competition in the race. As long as you get to kill enemies and reach destinations very quickly while not dying, then that build is fine even if it turns out to be ugly or cheesy.

Knowing which passive skills to get with each level up and how to adjust is a part of the game in a race. As for active skills, race builds mostly focus on those that can be acquired through earlier quests in order to gain as early of an advantage as possible. Everything else is putting the plan down to the time frame involved and having backup plans in case something goes wrong along the way.

Of course, the best teacher is experience, and having played through a few races should enable you to prepare for future ones. Just because you lose a race, it does not mean that the game is colluding against you, but merely letting you learn in the best way possible. The planning of the racing build that suits you best is a long one, but it's also pretty fun as a whole.

Grinding Gear Games always come up with something new to liven up their leagues, including the races that attract a lot of the hardcore Path of Exile crowd and giving them new things to keep things as fresh as they can be in the game. You should be ready for anything in a race, and Path of Exile lets you do that in a lot of ways.

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