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Path of Exile Pre-Season Races and 1.0.0g Patch Update

Starting November 16, the new Race Season Five will commence. However, before the start of the new season, Grinding Gear Games has announced that they will run a series of 12 race events in preparation for those who have yet to try out Path of Exile Racing. Once the new racing season starts, it gets very competitive rather quickly, so beginners may want to brush up on the rules and mechanics of racing in Path of Exile if they wish to participate.

Racing in Path of Exile is basically a fresh new league that last for a few hours each time. During a race, players compete to reach the highest possible level as quickly as possible. These races are to test players' skill in being able to kill monsters efficiently and not die, as well as their knowledge of the game in where to level up fast and what actions are the most time efficient so that they can buy items and use recipes without wasting too much time.

These race events are considered to be hardcore, so you are out if you die. You may re-enter though by creating another character, although that does lower your chances of winning since the best players would generally be able to reach high levels without dying. But still, these race events are good for testing your skill in grinding, so you can actually put a competitive twist into something that people outside MMORPGs have regarded as non-competitive.

Another good thing about these races is that you get to keep the character you created after the race, including the items that you pick up or buy during that time. The exceptions though include those in Descent and Endless Ledge, so do keep that in mind before you join a race. If you do wish to join a race, you can enter by using the button underneath your character list when you log in. These races are usually advertised through announcement around half and hour before starting, so you will have ample time to join. Once you're in the race, your character cannot move until the race properly starts. When it ends, your character will stop moving. Be warned though since even when the race has ended, monsters will get to land their last attack, so take care.

Every race has a ladder in the Events forum, so you can check it out to see the progress of others and your own. You also can check the calendar of the races in there. Upcoming races are also listed on the main news page and the in-game character screen. While you can look for all the information that you can, the best way to learn how to play these races is to join one yourself and acquire knowledge through first-hand experience. The community discuss about these races in great detail, as they do with other parts of the game, so check out the forums if you have any questions.

Aside from the new racing season, there is also word about the new patch version 1.0.0g to further amend bugs that were left in the initial release of version 1.0.0 back in October 23. In this case, there were a total of three fixes to be made with this patch. First off, Kaom's Heart and Shavronne's Wrappings can now be dropped outside of maps. Also, the Orb of Chance can now come up with Uniques that are higher than the item level of the base type that players are trying to roll for. Finally, the bug introduced in 1.0.0f that made some flask effects not work has been fixed.

There had been previous patch fixes for 1.0.0 that had been implemented after release to further better the gameplay experience in both big and little details, which shows Grinding Gear Games' continued dedication to Path of Exile.

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  •   Path of Exile Pre-Season Races and 1.0.0g Patch Update


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