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Path of Exile Skill Effect Microtransactions

While it's a free-to-play game, Path of Exile is known for having what Grinding Gear Games calls "ethical microtransactions," which is another term for in-game purchases that are not pay-to-win. They're merely cosmetic stuff that lets players customize their characters further in various ways. These ethical microtransactions have kept Path of Exile afloat for much longer than other online games that have preceded it, and it's continuing to fuel the game's ongoing development.

Some may think that it's all useless, but there's actual appeal in cosmetic augmentation in games like Path of Exile, wherein players become invested in their account and/or players. There have been plenty of other games that are generating revenue with such microtransactions, so it actually works as a source of income for games. However, the cosmetic microtransactions have to be something players actually want to buy in the first place.

They're not all Path of Exile items, and one of them is skill effects—the visual effects that come up when executing an active skill. Whatever they can get should be able to change stuff like the color, the way the effects look, the visual themes being employed, and so on. It’s a big part of the feedback you get from the gameplay, so it’s not exactly what you call “unimportant,” albeit not that crucial to the gameplay itself.

There should also be a way to make those effects match the character's overall look and whatever weapons and armor that are equipped. If the effects can match with item sets, then it's likely that it will be bought. That’s what players in Path of Exile are looking for, especially those who have been playing a long time and are looking to take their characters to the next level.

When you first look at the list of skill effects in the shop, you may be both spoiled for choice and confused at which ones you should be looking at. There's quite a few of them, and they're for different skills, so you may not be able to figure out right away which ones you should pay attention to. In that case, you should look at what you have first and see which active skill you tend to use the most and then see if there are alternate skill effects for it in the shop.

If there happens to be a skill effect for your chosen active skill, then you can see if it fits your preference and your character. Take note that there may be different effects for the same active skill as well, so you'll have to make sure that it works for you (it costs money, after all). It does take a bit of thought in order to decide on which skill effect you want, but it could just be what you're looking for in this game that is all about customizing your experience.

There has also been new ones that were just added, like Demonic Blade Vortex, Golden Bladefall, Arcane Contagion, Arcane Wither, and Arcane Essence Drain. New ones are being added every now and then, so be on a lookout for them if you happen to be looking for one that fits your favorite active skill. You may even create a character solely based on how a skill effect looks like, which isn't a bad thing to do at all in a game like Path of Exile.

There are plenty of players out there who are alright with their characters are they are, but some want to have the option to make them look even cooler than they already are. That's what these microtransactions are all about, and Grinding Gear Games are doing a pretty good job with making more of them available to interested players who want to make their characters more appealing.

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