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Path of Exile Suicide Glass Cannon Build

In every action role-playing game, there are character archetypes based on build and purpose in combat. There are the usual ones like the tank, the nuke, and so on, with each one serving a purpose for a well-balanced team. But there's one that is both very powerful and very weak at the same time. The glass cannon gets both praise and ridicule simultaneously for its single-minded offense-oriented build, and it can be fun to use. The question is how far the player is willing to go with that single-mindedness.

With Path of Exile, it is possible to take that mindset to the most extreme with a glass cannon build to end all glass cannon builds. From the passives and gems it uses, to the Path of Exile items that are all about boosting damage, this build should be fun to play with for those with both the skill and moxie to use it. This particular build was from the PoE community and makes use of the Shadow, Templar, or Witch class to create a true glass cannon.

First of all, you must take note that you will die a lot with this character build. This is not for super serious play, but merely for challenging yourself and for some laughs. While it's not really a competitive build, it can kill a lot of stuff if you somehow make it work. It is best to have a level 75+ Shadow, Templar, or Witch to start with just so that you don't have to trudge through leveling with this build all the way through, which would only result in much frustration. The higher the level, the more insane the damage.

You will need Discharge, 10 Firestorms, 5 Cast on Death, 2 High Critical, a Faster Casting, a Spell Damage (70+) on both daggers, level 1 Blood Rage, and level 1 Blood Magic for starters. You'll then need Doesdre's Tenure gloves, Infernal Mantle, Occultist Vestment (just a 4-link will do), Windscream boots, 2 Kaom's Sign rings, Malachai's Simula, Iron Mask, and Portal Gem. But the most important items needed here are 5 Doedre's Elixir greater mana flasks.

As you would already know by now, this build sacrifices defense for tons of damage, which yields some hilariously awesome results. The concept is very simple; you die right in the middle of a swarm of enemies and the Cast on Death effects will result in everything else on the screen dying with you. When you die, fire rains down to exact revenge on your interlopers and cleans them out right then and there. That really is a true glass cannon by every sense of the word.

Some would think that such a build makes no sense at all and is a waste of time, but it actually reflects more of Path of Exile and its essence as a game. Even in such a hardcore and serious game like this, there exists variations and possibilities for some fun stuff. If you want to take a break and share some laughs with friends, then you can show them this build.

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