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Path of Exile Sustainable Perpetual Auto-Caster Guide

Most people would think that casters are pretty neat, although they do take a lot of work to get going. They typically are less durable in order to put more emphasis on their offensive capabilities, which makes them more of a hardship to manage during combat. But in Path of Exile, some of the best caster builds are the ones that cast on hit, which means that there is a lot riding on their survivability. In the case of the following build, it is all about getting hit in order to hit back.

This particular build was made possible by the inclusion of The Awakening expansion, so it's pretty much a new one. It makes use of new unique Path of Exile items to create a character that attacks with a nigh endless loop of devastating spells on hit. When pulled off right, this character build is actually a sight to behold in combat, especially when you are surrounded by mobs. It is like enemies pop open a jack-in-a-box of spells every time they hit you.

The Witch is best fit for this build as it is about being a pure caster with some unique traits. There are plenty of reasons to try this build out, including how easy it plays once you get the build down; you can practically play this character with one hand if you do things right. If you want more control, then you can just swap out some of the spells.

You can put in a lot of stuff like Dual Curse, Elemental Equilibrium, Self Shock Proliferation, Chaos Inoculation, and so on if you find a way to make it work. This is a build that can accommodate some creativity, as long as the main mechanism stays in place. It is not an easy build to pull off, but can be quite rewarding once everything is in place.

The only problem is that you can only pull this off once you get to at least level 85. This means it is certainly not for beginners and takes a whole lot of planning to pull off. Also, it lacks single target damage, so it is only effective against mobs. Finally, finding the right gear for this character can be a bit of a hardship, even though they are not that expensive.

There are three unique POE items that are required for this build. First off is the Heartbound Loop moonstone ring that for the core of this build. You then have the Fragile Bloom crimson jewel that increases life regen and damage taken. Finally, there's the Army of Bones cobalt jewel that gives bonuses to your skeletons, including damage and number of skeletons summoned at the cost of their duration.

Every other item in the build is optional. As long as you have those three crucial items, you are pretty much golden with this build. All you have to do is put in stuff that bolsters on-hit casting and increase whatever damage you can to bring in the destruction. Once you have everything down, all you have to do is just run through enemies, have them hit you, and watch them fall flat on their faces.

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