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Path of Exile Threshold Jewels

Despite being out for quite a while now, Path of Exile is still evolving at a steady rate. More features, more Path of Exile items, and more story are being put into this free-to-play game. How it was back in its official release and how it is now are quite different as the current iteration has a lot more content in it, and it only continues to grow still just like any other PoE items. Here's one of the new things that have been put into it recently.

Threshold Jewels had been in development since the pre-beta, but Grinding Gear Games had to make sure that what comes out will work with the rest of the game as intended. They took their time and reworked its mechanics until they came to this final version that they're satisfied with. The process of getting from it as an idea to being in the actual game is quite fascinating, from its conception to coming up with the ideas to actually implement it.

It was suggested that jewels can be used as skill modifiers, affecting specific skills in different ways. This was when they realized that they were on the right track and the Threshold Jewels were born. At that point, they knew that these jewels needed to be stackable, affects a specific skill, and be worth putting into a build, no matter how niche it may be. They've tried out jewels that don't stack as well and concluded that they definitely want to give the flexibility of stacking.

Next up on the list was to determine which skills to target. One way to look at it is to consider starting skills in the game and thinking about how they can be made more applicable to high-level characters. These are skills that are mechanically simple and very familiar to anyone who plays any sort of action role-playing game (and not just Path of Exile). That became what Threshold Jewels were aimed to work with.

There is to be a Threshold Jewel for each starting skill (except Double Strike, which will have something else), as well as other skills that may not have been used as much as they could have been throughout this time. The purpose is most likely to bring new life to lesser-used skills in the game. This means there will be a whole lot of Threshold Jewels being added into the game, like the ones for Spectral Throw, Heavy Strike, Fireball, Burning Arrow, and so on.

There are questions as to how they work, and it's simple enough in concept. They're called Threshold Jewels because they have abilities that come out whenever a certain condition (or threshold) is met. This threshold is basically how much of a specific stat you've allocated in radius, so effects like double damage, greater area of effect, or so on get implemented.

This also means that builds will now consider Threshold Jewels as a major part, making theorycrafting an even more challenging and engaging endeavor for players. It does seem like players will have something else fun to get into this time around.

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