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Path of Exile Trickster Ascendancy Class

As the new Ascendancy expansion is coming up on March 4th, Path of Exile seems to be getting even bigger than ever. Grinding Gear Games had been trickling the information on the new expansion which includes new PoE items and new classes. This time, it's the third of the specs for the Shadow, appropriately named the Trickster.

One of the nineteen total Ascendancy classes spread across all of the seven basic classes, the Trickster lets Shadows specialize in the flashier and more evasive aspects of its combat. That means the new class has new skills that emphasize these qualities, making the Trickster a goal to aim for when you have a build and Path of Exile items fit for it, which takes the customization and role-playing aspects of the game to a new high.

Just take a gander at these skills; even their names are quite something. Walk the Aether removes the mana cost on the Trickster's movement skills, as well as give them a speed buff when used. Weave the Arcane enhances the Trickster's mana pool and regeneration, as well as restore some mana when using a skill, making it perfect for fast casting builds.

Ghost Dance is a defensive skill that grants a reward for having a full energy shield and lets the Trickster keep it so more easily, and these defensive bonuses can be matched up with something like Vaal Discipline. Shade Form grants various bonuses when the Trickster's Energy Shield is damaged and recovering, making it perfect for the Trickster to use both Energy Shield and Evasion in his build while also providing backup to Ghost Dance.

Patient Reaper buffs the Trickster's Damage over Time (DoT) effects and give really big recovery bonuses for each enemy kill, making it a great combination with Essence Drain for survivability. Swift Killer grants Frenzy Charges for each kill and increases the maximum amount of charges the Trickster can sustain, making it a boon for sustain skills like Flicker Strike. These are just some of the skills that the Trickster offers, but it's already looking good so far.

It's obvious enough that these skills are indeed worth waiting for along with the rest of the Ascendancy expansion. The Trickster was designed to be a jack of all trades, as opposed to the Assassin and Saboteur classes that are specialists. This means the Trickster may have more possibilities in terms of character builds, thus making it more customizable in the long run, which is perfect for players who like to experiment in the game.

Most of the skills themselves are passive skills that enhance the Shadow's active skills, which means that the Trickster can be an extension of the Shadow instead of a drastic change like with the Assassin or the Saboteur. If you happen to be using an active skill that one of the Trickster skills can enhance, then you're essentially doubling down on that skill to make that active skill even more effective.

It's indeed a step up for Path of Exile and should give players even more reasons to stick around in the long run as there is now even more to explore and experiment with in the game.

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