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Separating the Garbage from Gold

Diablo introduced what could be the largest inventory and equipment system to the MMORPG genre and Path of Exile is no different. Your Exile would encounter tons of useless gear throughout the journey and keeping a keen eye on what's to keep and not is crucial to build your Exile's inventory, and Currency Items.

As we all know, Path of Exile does not rely on the traditional monetary system of gold coins, dollars or whatever you want to call it; in fact it is far more complex than any other MMORPG currently on the market. POE uses Path of Exile Currency items or materials for both your Exile's financial and crafting needs. Trading looted equipment yields a set of Currency items and so the aim of this article is to help you decide which ones should go and which stuff to keep.

1. Scrolls - keep what's needed but not more than that. Your inventory slots deserve far better Currency items that yield higher financial or crafting value.

2. Quality and Surgeon's Flasks - keep these two whenever you find them as they would be crucial to your end game endeavors. Surgeon's prefix on any flask, when traded gives you Alchemy Shards, which later can be combined to Orb of Alchemy. These orbs can turn any piece of normal equipment in to a rare so it's in your best interest to stockpile as many as you can.

3. Skill and Support Gems - be on the lookout for Gems at all times, especially with the Quality Prefix as they are often sought out by your fellow Exiles for their own needs.

4. Blue equipment - you should only be picking them up if you have nothing on, have good Links, or just early on in the game. Mid to end way of the game they are useless and eat a lot space.

5. White items - the most valuable of all items in the game, contrary to other MMORPGs. You might stumble upon one with excellent links. Trading them will net your Exile a Chromatic Orb, which allows you to perfect or reforge your equipment's Links to perfection. Taking the time to pick up and sort out your loots would be critical to building your Exile's inventory and equipment. Study each item briefly before deciding to throw them away for a trade because you might be discarding something that's extremely valuable and beneficial for your Exile.

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