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Surviving Path of Exile Forums

This isn't just about the official forums, but also any other frequented message board on the game. Different forums have different cultures, rules, and mechanisms, so you should be wary of them in order to find where you want to hang out most or if you ever want to hang out in any of them at all.

The thing about gaming communities is that while they're mostly there to help and support each other in anything concerning the game in question, it's also open to a good bit of toxicity. Since the community is mostly made up of people from various walks of life, what you're not usually exposed to is likely to come up when you log in and start reading what everyone else has to say, whether it concerns the game or not. For a lot of people out there, this triggers a negative reaction within them.

Surviving such online perils is all about three things—knowing what can set you off, avoiding whatever sets you off, and always remembering to remain civil even when the discussion turns really ugly. Whether it's discussing various things about the gameplay or trading Path of Exile items, you best be prepared for whatever may come at you in such a setting.

The trap that most people get into is getting too serious and personal while arguing with someone over a topic, whether it's related to the game or not. Online arguments can get just about anyone riled up, no matter how grounded and level-headed they are. That is just as true when it comes to discussing Path of Exile, so your best defense is knowing when to quit. Most would say, "Quit while you're ahead," which is mostly true. However, it's easy to start thinking that you can convince the other person to either admit defeat or to come over to your side of the argument.

When things are getting heated, it's best to just stop right then and there, no matter how terrible the other person or party is or how bad the situation has gotten. The earlier you bail, the better as it gives you a chance to distance yourself from ground zero before the big explosions even start happening.

This is all in the name of anger and stress management, as the only thing you truly achieve when throwing mud at other members of the community is looking like a jerk. At worst, you might even get banned for your troubles. This is the reason why you must know yourself so that you know what can set you off. If even just reading something that you find objectionable gets you riled up uncontrollably, then you'll have to make precautions in order to not have to see them.

Perhaps the best tip for surviving the forums is to know where to look and participate. If you’re looking for guides, for PoE items and whether it's the official forums or the PoE subreddit; whether you're more alright with either moderators regulating discussions or the people deciding which discussions and replies should be upvoted or downvoted, you should learn through either experience or introspection or both which is best for you.

In the end, it still should be about having an enjoyable experience in Path of Exile. If the forum takes that away, then perhaps you should stay away from them and find gameplay help elsewhere.

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