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The Fun and Appeal of Playing in Path of Exile Hardcore Leagues

When you first mention hardcore mode to anyone familiar with action role-playing games, most of them would be intimidated by its mere mention. The fact that you can only die once has its appeal for a lot of players, but most understandably have an aversion from such a notion. Some even find playing in hardcore to be a stupid idea reserved only for the masochistic, seeing no point at all in the risk of losing progress earned through several hours of play.

They're not wrong to see it that way because there's indeed an element of absurdity to the whole idea. However, there's more to hardcore leagues in Path of Exile than just raw excitement that comes with the risk-taking. There have been players who may have been apprehensive about playing in the hardcore league, but then took the plunge and found themselves pleasantly surprised at the results and the whole experience.

But then again, hardcore isn't really as risky and insane in Path of Exile as in most other action role-playing games anyway. When you die in a hardcore league, your character is sent into the standard league, so you can still access your character anyway. While it's true that you do lose whatever you played for once you die in hardcore, it's only the status of being a hardcore character that's really lost in Path of Exile if ever your hardcore character dies.

This gives Path of Exile players a way to play hardcore in a lower stakes environment, thus encouraging players to give it a shot even if they're not that brave about playing a hardcore character in any other ARPG. With that said, any newbie or casual intermediate player can just drop in and give it a shot to see if it's just right for them. You can even do so without following any particular PoE items and character build and see how far you can go. You could find yourself reaching level 40 before you even know it, acquiring skills that you may need along the way.

Such players posting on the forums about their experiences are a great help for other players who aren't as motivated to take the plunge without further information on what they may face. They can learn about what kind of builds work best in hardcore, whether a CoC build is indeed conducive for hardcore play and which unique Path of Exile items work surprisingly well in hardcore leagues. They can find out what builds are best for leveling up and what builds are more for going up against certain bosses. There's a good bit of information that can be seen in the forums, and all you really have to do is to look around.

This all means playing hardcore in Path of Exile isn't anything to be afraid of. Of course, you may still want to know if it's indeed worth your time. If you're the type of person who enjoys doing new things, then it's indeed a great way to enjoy the game. You may even want to get deeper into the game like participating in race leagues in the future.

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  •   The Fun and Appeal of Playing in Path of Exile Hardcore Leagues


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