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The Low Down on Path of Exile Prophecy

Among the recent additions to the game, the Prophecy leagues seem to have made a lot of waves in the Path of Exile community. Upon its introduction in early June 2016, the quests and mechanics it added to the game has contributed to the variety in gameplay, despite not being released with a new expansion. It was sort of an in-between content update between Ascendancy and the upcoming Atlas of Worlds that has gotten the community talking about it quite a bit.

It introduced a lot of content and even a fully-voiced NPC. Navali is the central focus of Prophecy—an NPC who sells prophecies for a silver coin each. A prophecy is basically something that influences a player character's immediate future upon satisfying certain conditions or doing something that hits a trigger. These prophecies can also be sealed into PoE items so that they can be traded with other players.

As weird and perhaps even as undesirable as they sound, prophecies are indeed something you'd want to get in this game. Before you get a Prophecy, you must first get a Silver Coin, which is dropped by one monster per area in the Prophecy leagues. They themselves are only good for buying prophecies from Navali and nothing else since it's not a crafting item like most of Path of Exile currency items, making them not that valuable as a commodity.

However, they're still worth collecting as they can lead to you getting some good prophecies from Navali. The prophecies are indeed somewhat luck-based, which adds a whole new dimension of an expected random element to the game. That makes playing in the Prophecy leagues feel quite different from other leagues. The effects of these prophecies range from affecting master missions, crafting, fated unique Path of Exile items, encounters with rewards, and so on.

Prophecy has done well thus far in garnering high player engagement since the prophecies broke up the usual monotony of the leveling process and gave new rewards that are desired, including fated uniques that have become quite coveted in the game. It's adds a good bit of freshness to a game that has been around for quite some time, so it seems that the addition has indeed been a success.

However, Grinding Gear Games has also reported a rather peculiar result with Prophecy in form of the end game with maps. When players reached them, the Prophecy content isn't as seamless as first hoped as it encouraged backtracking and tedious revisiting of less-desired maps. They have been making adjustments to Prophecy in order to address these concerns as it seems they themselves do indeed like the update.

While they make those changes, the developers are mulling over making Prophecy a core game mechanic. Thus, they've expressed their desire to make more content for it, so expect it to be around for a lot longer than expected. Perhaps Prophecy is one of their experiments that have yielded the rare but always awesome successful result.

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