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The Number One Rule in Path of Exile

Playing a deep and complex action role-playing game like Path of Exile can be like diving into a rabbit hole, and some find that quite hard to follow. There's no shame in admitting being unable to follow whatever is going on in the game or what particular aspect to focus on at the moment since it does take most people a bit of time to really understand the game. Perhaps only the most grizzled of ARPG veterans can get past the hard stuff, but there could be something to help the less experienced to get a hold of the game's fundamentals.

Therefore, the search for a hard and fast rule of thumb in order to understand this game's core principles in a small enough span of time is a bit of a hot topic. It's not that this game can ever be explained in just one maxim or mantra; far from it. However, with something like a golden rule, beginners and even intermediate players can learn what in the game they could focus on for best results. But then again, the real answer to this is that it depends on what aspect of the game you'll end up focusing on anyway to come up with a good number one rule for you.

If you're into the trading, looking for the best deals to both get the best Path of Exile items and get rich, then that's easy enough to answer—don't trade in Global. You can prevent a ton of potential headaches this way as there are a lot of unscrupulous people who may cheat you out of hard-earned currency, and you may also meet with some rather frustrating characters who may not have ill intentions but are just hard to deal with.

Putting trading out of the way, you then encounter the two main approaches to this game, namely the casual way and the hardcore way. With the latter, you'll find yourself wanting to ascend higher and learn more in the game, and doing both means putting a lot of hours into both the game and community forums. Unfortunately, the common mantra of this crowd is "no fun allowed." It's mostly said in jest, but you may find it ringing more and truer as you dig deeper and deeper into the hole that is being the best at this game.

In essence, there's a lot of grinding, PoE items looting and obsessing over the tiniest details ahead of you. There's also the laser focus on the parts of the game that you may not like, whether it's a particular character class or an area in the game. Whatever it is that bothers you a lot in the game, you'd be trying to overcome it if you really want to get good in Path of Exile. But if you're the casual player, then you'd want to avoid the parts that you don't like. You'll be taking the reverse approach of what a "hardcore" player would, serious or not. You'd want to have as much fun as you can, of course.

But if there's one rule that you can take to this game, or any other game for that matter or even in life, it's to not complain. Whining about anything and everything is a great way to not get better as it's a waste of energy and takes your focus away from improving and rectifying mistakes. Perhaps that can be the number one rule in Path of Exile, not to mention in everything else.

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