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Trusting Strangers in Path of Exile

One of the great things about playing online role-playing games like Path of Exile is that you get to play it with many other people from different parts of the world. That social aspect of the genre is what made it boom since its rise in popularity back in the early to mid 2000's, and it continues to be a force in the gaming world. Many players who aren't that socially inclined are able to open up and make friends with other like-minded people within the game, and that's a beautiful thing indeed.

However, while things seem overly positive in the game with players helping other players and all that, it's still pretty much trusting strangers in an environment that may not be fully under your control. The community is great and serves as the reason why games like this can exist in this ultra-competitive gaming market, but there must also be a bit of caution and education regarding who to trust and in what situations you can trust others within the game and out of it. Most of those unwritten rules can be learned after some significant amount of playing and interacting experience, but it never hurts to review and refer to other sources.

This touches upon many topics like account security and policies regarding theft and fraud within the game, which have been a constant throughout the existence of the genre. Horror stories are everywhere, from countless threads on the Internet to stories from players wherever you may go. You can ask someone who has played online role-playing games about their experiences regarding trust in the game, and they will most likely have a few stories. However, it can be surprising to hear though that some of those stories may actually be positive ones.

For veterans, there may be some rare times when they get trusted by a stranger with something, like holding on to a valuable Path of Exile item like 6-link armor for a while or doing them a favor. If ever there is a time to be a scumbag, that would usually be it. For most sensible people, they would not even think about it and actually do the trustworthy thing. Such cases are what gives people more trust and positive insight in the Path of Exile community, and it is absolutely encouraged to pay it forward.

Despite that, there are the less morally-inclined who would take such situations as opportunities to gain from others' misery. This kind of attitude is short-sighted and harms the community in various ways, making other players become more pessimistic and hurting the spirit of the game. It is definitely not how online games of any kind are meant to be played, and that also makes this age-old topic still worth discussing.

But with the various positive stories that are now starting to populate around the Internet from the previously silent majority, wherein they talk about instances of encountering other players who actually do the honest and honorable thing by holding their end of an agreement, helping those who have helped them, or even just helping those who just needed it. Perhaps those who read this will not learn to trust kind strangers just yet, but it's still good to know that they are out there after all.

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