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Useful tips in Mapping the Skill Tree

One of Path of Exile’s best features is its deep flexibility in terms of building your character. We are all accustomed with Melee types swinging their weapons, Archers letting loose different types of arrows and spell casters just casting elemental spells one after another. Path of Exile gives players an opportunity to create an Archer that shoots arrows and casts effective spells to mow down hordes of monsters as an example.

Given this flexibility, it is crucial to carefully plan ahead and take note of Skills and Nodes that you need to obtain first in order to make your build effective, not to mention capable of surviving different areas.

Here are some tips to help your Exile become a monster:
1. Look at your starting point – each character class, regardless of what you pick, starts out on a specific spot on the Skill Tree. Marauders would have a lot of Strength nodes within easy reach whereas Rangers can nab Dexterity boosts quickly as they level up on the early stages of the game. Stick to your character’s area at the early parts of the game. The nodes and skills placed around your starting point were placed there for a reason.

2. Branching out – now that you have the basic boosts and skills for your character class, then you need to look around the skill tree and explore. Do you have a build that’s dependent on Critical hits? Then look for nearby skills and nodes which allow you to raise your chances of landing a Critical hit, such as Accuracy & Critical Strike Chance and Assassination. Locating passive skills and nodes that boosts your build’s emphasis prevents you from wasting precious Skill Tree points.

3. Road Forks – you would encounter countless forks on the road trying to obtain the Passive Skill or whatever you need as you play the game. Exploring the Skill Tree makes the game show the quickest path, but there are scenarios where taking the long route would be beneficial. Exploring the Skill Tree wisely and efficiently raises your overall strength since you would be able to obtain boosts to Life, damage or whatever is necessary for your build. Do not take the shortest route always, as mentioned above, plan ahead and explore.

4. Research on tried and tested builds – the internet is littered with pages showing off effective and tough builds. Research and check what makes their build tick. If you’re planning to create a unique build and not a “template build”, then you should spend hours checking guides for specific builds. What you thought would be effective may prove to be worthless once you get to that area of the Skill Tree.

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  •   Useful tips in Mapping the Skill Tree


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