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Useful Tips on Improving Your Hideout in Path of Exile

When the Forsaken Masters expansion came out, one of the features that got added to the game was the hideouts. Players now have their own personal hubs where they can rest and resupply as they wish, and it had a lot of potential for customization. It may have seemed gimmicky at first, but players soon took to it like duck to water since having your own town is somewhat attractive, especially if you can put your own personal touches to it.

Some people think that turning an action role-playing game into The Sims is ridiculous, but it's not like you've lost the ARPG gameplay anyway. There are quite a few things you can do to your hideout, if your heart so desires to customize it. For instance, the main feature that came with the Forsaken Masters expansion is precisely what you want in yours. Masters can be hard to find throughout Wraeclast, so you'd want to invite them into your hideout so you have easier access to them.

There are different hideouts that you can choose from, and choosing one is a matter of personal preference. There's Haku, Elreon, Catarina, Tora, Vorici, Vagan, Zana, and Leo. These names are after the corresponding master, so you'd want to choose the one that's right for your character to get the hideout along with it. Each of them can be taken through three tiers, with the highest being a fully upgraded hideout. While you do so, you can put up decorations and other aesthetic enhancements to the hideout as you wish.

You can also brighten up your otherwise dark hideout and give it a better atmosphere with lights. There are four colors of light sources for hideouts—blue (waypoints), orange (fire), teal (Catarina), and neutral (player/tileset). You can put up a color for whatever you want to light up. For instance, you can put up and label blue and teal lights, then orange for everything else that's unlabeled. It's a good way to categorize and segregate whatever is in your hideout through colors.

You can even customize effects and animations just like how you would want your rare POE items customized; that's the level of customization you're dealing with here. Some decorations have subtle effects and can be made more noticeable if you stack them. You can also get sounds and colors in it as well, so you can enhance the atmosphere you're going for and really hone in on the experience you want. There are also decoration combinations and other Path of Exile items that can help with this process.

It seems that there are indeed plenty of things you can do with hideouts, and it all comes together to enhance the overall gameplay experience. There are hideout customization guides out there from which you can get reference to what you can do to your hideout. By the time you're finished with it for the time being, you'll have a hideout that you can truly be proud of and call home, at least in the game.

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  •   Useful Tips on Improving Your Hideout in Path of Exile


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