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What Newcomers Can Expect From PoE Post 2.4.0

For the most part, Path Of Exile players are veterans of the game, and have amassed hundreds if not thousands of hours of experience at this point in the game’s three-year history. By now, many of these veterans have reached the end game, and their experience translates very well every time new releases roll out. Their character builds are solid, and they have plenty of Path of Exile items at their disposal to maximize the amount of enjoyment to be had.

With this in mind, newcomers to Path of Exile might find the game overwhelming, if not downright intimidating. And those who have logged only a few minutes of experience back when the game was in its infancy may return to a gaming experience that remotely resembles what they remember. There are plenty of game mechanics that aren’t explicitly mentioned. The game has no built-in guidance mechanism to help new players level their first character, so growing pains can be expected, at least for those who are just getting their feet wet. The possibility for players to develop a character inadequate for endgame play is very real, indeed.

The steep learning curve aside, the game still retains appeal for new players, especially those who enjoy the grinding aspect of the game. It has plenty to offer these players once they have familiarized themselves with most of the skills and how to make the most of the vast array of PoE items available. The fact that gaining experience and acquiring items requires a huge time investment and an enormous amount of work underscores the relationship that long-term players have with their character builds. They have come to grow with their builds, and that’s what they truly appreciate.

In contrast, some of the other action role-playing games on the market are fast by design. The venerated Diablo 3 has a much faster pace. It is easy to start up and progress through the levels, and the gameplay is packed with action. Finding things in the game is also not too difficult, but this comes at a cost: longevity and retention are lacking, and it shows. Gamers who have played both D3 and PoE are more likely to gravitate toward the latter.

Path of Exile is often considered to have the most depth of an action RPG on the market. Because of this depth, it has a wide variance in skills that are viable for the endgame. This attracts its vast player base to replay the game many times over, as they can build characters that more closely approximate their ideal character every time. Customization in the game can be very deep, and it will never be short of possibilities. Players can develop a build with extraordinary speed, virtually invincible damage reflection, and even fight unarmed, and the game will still be entertaining. Aside from experimenting with new builds, players can engage in crafting, trading, amassing a fortune, as well as helping newcomers improve their game.

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  •   What Newcomers Can Expect From PoE Post 2.4.0

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