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When a Character Dies in Path of Exile

It is said that death is indeed inevitable; that oblivion is what awaits us all regardless of station, country, or creed. In order to escape the drabness of existence, many people play video games to go on adventures in fantasy worlds and vanquish virtual foes to restore honor and attain glory. But then, there are those games that have a hint of reality to them in that they feature character deaths, a lot of times actually permanent. Some may think that it is a horrible way to treat players who have spent long hours playing a game, but it turns out that it has become an element that can attract a hardcore following.

Path of Exile happens to be one of those games, especially if you happen to play in hardcore leagues. This inclusion makes for effects unseen in most games, which is another thing that sets Path of Exile apart from other online role-playing games. It gives players more reason to be very careful with every action and decision they take at every turn as they invest their time and energy into a character and gather POE items, POE currency and rare Path of Exile items to get stronger in the hopes of progressing without dying a gruesome death to some powerful monster or a horde of weaker ones.

The function of permanent death (or permadeath) is to deepen the gameplay experience by making players more cautious and strategic with their approach to the game. This is not uncommon in many other genres, especially nowadays when this way of thinking has paved the way to some popular franchises that are all about difficulty and permadeaths.

Many would think that it punishes players for their time and effort, which is contrary to what games are supposed to do, but there are a whole lot of players who prefer that lack of remorse in their games as it makes for a very compelling experience.

Unfortunately, character deaths in the game are not caused by only lapses of judgment in part of the players, but also from other causes that may take away from the game. As with most online role-playing games, connectivity issues are a big part of Path of Exile. Players who are looking to spend more time in Path of Exile have to be sure that their connections are stable or it may result in lag and latency issues that could result in character deaths in the middle of fights.

But perhaps the most mortifying way to have a character die on you is the dreaded de-sync. It is an issue that Grinding Gear Games constantly battles with due to the nature of the gameplay in Path of Exile and how it corresponds to how online games work. Unfortunately, it has become a major part of the game and players have learned to deal with it by knowing what actions can result in a de-sync and what measures can be taken to avoid it.

Despite what may seem to be an invalidation of one's time and effort, character deaths need not be too serious a loss for players. As it is a big part of the gameplay experience, Path of Exile veterans have grown accustomed to having a character die every now and then for whatever reason. Many of them would take some time to brush it off and then create a new character, not letting such a setback keep them from loving this game.

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