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When Path of Exile is "Too Easy"

Path of Exile was designed to be a deep and complex gameplay experience, giving players more challenge and adventure compared to other online action role-playing games out there. However, there are times when players go into the game and find it too easy for their liking. While that seems rather impossible, those instances do happen and it can leave a wrong impression of the game on those who somehow encounter such an experience.

There are reasons for this, and it's best that people know more about why there are times when Path of Exile becomes "too easy." For those who want to get into this game, that's a detriment to enjoyment as gaming is all about challenge. However, it may seem like such complaints are rather overreaching and even inappropriate as there are some legitimate reasons why the game can be made "too easy" for some players. There are generally two big reasons behind this, and they're worth looking into.

The first and most obvious reason is the use of chaos damage. It's one of the five damage types and is easily the most powerful in the game as it's the rarest and the hardest to get resistance against. It bypasses energy shield, so it reduces life and mana directly. That does seem like a PvP dream, but characters can become immune to chaos damage through acquiring the Chaos Inoculation keystone passive, so there goes that. But despite that one drawback, it's very powerful against monsters in the game, indeed making the game a lot easier.

The second and more overlooked reason is the use of "flavor of the month" builds. It's obvious enough that whatever character builds are trending and creating a buzz in the community are indeed powerful, thus can make the game a whole lot easier when used. The skills and Path of Exile items used in those builds have not been nerfed yet or have stayed powerful for a long time without being fettered with, so they can make the whole game or at least certain parts of it much easier.

There are a lot of other factors that determine whether the game may get too easy for players, including really lucky PoE items drops of powerful rare items that can tip the balance, as well as just having a lot of stuff already saved up from previous characters. It's not really a bad thing per se to have the game become easy as there's still a build-up needed for the most part to "make it easy" in the first place. With just about all the methods suggested above, they still require some doing before they come to fruition; the game isn't super easy right from the start.

This is something that most other games have anyway, so perhaps the worries of this deep and complex game becoming more of a cop-out for casual players and beginners may be unfounded. If that's really your worry, then it's not really that hard to make the game harder for your anyway by tackling more challenging ways of playing, reaching higher achievements, trying out riskier builds, and just going nuts in the hardcore leagues.

You can even handicap yourself for more difficulty, no matter how artificial it may be. The game is all about being able to play it the way you want to, after all.

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