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Diablo 2 Power Leveling

Power levelling, or Speed levelling, is a systematic and efficient approach in grinding for experience in Diablo 2. There’s several areas accessible to the player in each Act not to mention various types of monsters for you to slay but the areas indicated below are proven to be the quickest way to reach level 99 in no time. A few pointers though before you try the guide below:

• Level runs should be whole and not in short sessions, grind as much and as long as possible.
• DPS or damage per second would be the primary attribute needed for your weapons, especially Melee characters.
• You may have to ask high level characters to unlock Waypoints for you.
• Nightmare or higher difficulty requires a party because of the risk and death penalty.

When all is set and done, you may begin power levelling; here are the areas which provide the best experience points:

• Level 1-15 – Tristram: the monsters that thrive in this area are relatively easy to kill and risk free. None of them have elemental attributes so any magical weapon would suffice. The toughest monster that you would encounter in this area, aside from Griswold of course, are the Night Clan with 22-28 Health points. The rest should be a walk in the park. Clear this area repeatedly until you hit level 15.

• Level 15-24 – Tal Rasha’s Tomb: the only threats you would encounter for this area are the Gore Bellies. They take quite a beating before going down no thanks to their 140+ Health points. Kaa the Soulless cannot be rushed if you didn’t manage to pick up sufficient equipment from Tristram. He comes with 3 minions at least, more for higher difficulty levels so being aggressive when engaging him can prove to be fatal.

• Level 25-40 – Rite of Passage / Chaos Sanctuary: what players often do is clear the Rite of Passage Quest to gain a level or two and jump straight to Chaos Sanctuary. Lord De Seis and Infectors pose a serious threat for characters with weak equipment. They both have a approximately over a thousand Health points each so never let them corner you to avoid death. Fire resistances may also be necessary when facing Diablo to lessen the damage you will get from him. If your Vitality and armor stats are high enough though then it won’t be necessary.

Once you’re done with Chaos Sanctuary, then it’s time to face Baal and kill him over and over again for loads of experience. Just remember to bring along charms to raise your Fire and Cold Resistances because Baal’s Incineration Nova and Hoarfrost deal hefty damage and may kill your character instantly. Keep on slaying Baal until you’re at Level 40.

• Level 41-60 – Rite of Passage / Chaos Sanctuary Nightmare: pretty much the same process as above. Exercise caution as you go through the monsters since they are significantly tougher now. The Venom Lords and Infectors now have Poison Immunity as well so you might want to consider switching to a different weapon if your primary choice inflicts the Poison damage type. Baal’s Health points skyrockets to approximately over 110,000. He also gains resistances to Cold, Fire, Lightning and Poison for Nightmare. Taking him down with a pure Physical weapon would be recommended.

• Level 61-99 – Rite of Passage / Chaos Sanctuary Hell: same process as above, but all monsters gains resistances now to Cold, Fire and Lightning. Acquiring a pure Physical weapon with High DPS is crucial at this point to make your character’s run through the area easy and quicker. Baal also now boasts almost 500,000 Health Points so killing him should take some time. You may want to consider enlisting high-level characters with good DPS to take him down quicker.

Hope this guide helps you level your character from the ground up in no time. Going through the Normal difficulty should be easy, but patience and caution would help you make most out of the experience runs at Nightmare and Hell difficulty levels.


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