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Diablo 3 Advanced Farming Guide

Upon reaching the maximum level cap in Diablo 3, you may feel like you're now on top of the world after killing Diablo in Hell difficulty. The problem though is that you still have Inferno to deal with, and that's no small task. With enemies starting from level 61, you better have something else to boost your chances rather than just being a sitting duck and then giving up on ever finishing Inferno. This is a guide for those who want to know how to farm like a true player in Diablo 3.

Magic Find Set
Most would see items with Magic Find bonuses to be trash and would just either sell them to vendors or never even bother picking them up. They'd think that the +% to magic find isn't that significant, and that's where they're wrong. If you wear a Magic Find set with bonuses as high as you can actively look for, then you have a real chance of getting good loot when you kill tons of mobs, take out treasure goblins, opening chests, killing bosses, and so on. Of course, you don't really wear them all the time, but you do when you are about to have some loot dropped.

Sell What You Don't Need
This is easy enough to follow, which is to sell whatever is neither level 60 nor with really good bonuses to the vendor. There is no sense in either hording inferior items, picking up white items, or not picking up whatever can be sold. Of course, you get to sell really good ones in the Auction House; especially if you either have superior items equipped or can't use that particular item. You keep what you need, and sell the rest. Every opportunity to earn gold as much as you can at once is a good thing.

Sell at Peak Times
Perhaps it may be farfetched to say that trading in Diablo 3 follows a schedule, but that's just how the ball rolls in this. That's because there are peak times when there are the most players logged in, which is usually at night and especially on weekends. It may take some getting used to in finding out for yourself that perfect time to sell your goods in the Auction House to guarantee a sale. A good rule of thumb is an 8-12 hour window, which should be adequate for most players. Soon enough, persistence and patience should pay off.

Vendor Flipping
This is a trick that is often overlooked, but can also sound too good to be true. However, it does work and is legit enough for the most part. You can look at rings and amulets that vendors sell, and you may find some rare one once in a while. If you do and it has good stats, then you can buy them and resell in the Auction House for a lot more gold. This is called vendor flipping, and it's perhaps one of the coolest tricks in the game that lets you become rich. It's not that easy since coming across a good ring or amulet may take a while, but you'll get there eventually.


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