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Diablo 3 First Character Guide

If you are the type of person who gets hung up at even coming up with a name for your character, then you definitely need help in creating your first character if you've just picked up Diablo 3. Before you get to hauling Diablo 3 gold and Diablo 3 items, you'll have to know which character class best suits your playing style. While your indecisiveness with characters names is a problem only yours to solve, you'll at least be able to decide on a class by the time you finish reading this.


This is the simplest and most straightforward choice. If you want a no-brainer in terms of gameplay, then go with a barbarian, run towards a horde of enemies, and smash them with your weapon. The good thing about this class is the balance between offense and defense. Since it's a melee character, it's imperative that health and attack damage be both in great abundance. The skills that you can use with this character compliments this direct approach to monster-slaying, albeit in a variety of ways.


Much like the Barbarian, but with more finesse rather than brute force. If you want a more speed-oriented melee character, then the Monk is the ticket. You get more attack speed and there is more variety in terms of what his skills do in combat, so there are more potential builds that you can come up with. Of course, the Monk is not as flamboyant and as durable as the Barbarian in combat, but you can address problems in more creative ways with this character.

Demon Hunter

The name itself is already quite appealing, and the way that you can wield double crossbows to deal insane DPS is just too good to pass up for most people. The Demon Hunter is the rogue of Diablo 3, capable of dealing mass death while being deft and elusive as well. This character is for players who like to stand back and spray enemies down while taking as little damage as possible, which makes it a very good support character that can help tanks, mages, and other support characters alike.

Witch Doctor

This is pretty unique class and bears the most similarities to the Necromancer from Diablo 2. The Witch Doctor's ability to summon Zombie Dogs and other such things to aid in battle makes for a very helpful character in any combat situation. Also, the funky tribal vibe is an added bonus for anyone who is into that kind of stuff. If you like creating cannon fodder for enemies to stay busy with while you do a myriad of other things to take them out, then the Witch Doctor is pretty good for that.


The Wizard deals a lot of damage. If you want to farm lots of D3 Gold and D3 Items, then you'd want a Wizard on your team. If you like the straight-up magic character, then this one is it. You get all the flashy beams, bolts, and balls that you could ever want with this class, and you can even turn into an archon of pure energy that deals even more damage. Wizards are essential in any party due to the damage it can deal.


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