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Diablo III PvP Update

Like most PC games that have been released, Diablo III had its fair share of bugs and balancing issues that needed addressing through the inevitable patches. The latest patch 1.06a released in the last quarter of 2012 had Blizzard ironing out a couple of technical problems to ensure a smoother gaming experience.


However, there are still more glitches that need fixing in the latest version, such as some combat abilities and items not working properly, as well as achievements not triggering when the right conditions are met.


Blizzard set out to iron those minor creases out while ushering in major updates for the 1.07 patch, including one feature that was crucial in Diablo II’s longevity and has been sorely missed by hardcore players – PvP.



Being able to pit a carefully built character against another to prove one’s skill is finally back. Players can fight in one-on-one match-ups, three-player free-for-alls (FFA), or four-player FFA. Combat is restricted to one of four areas in the Scorched Chapel, a brand new zone for PvP purposes.


Battles have no rewards or consequences such as permanent death for Hardcore characters and any durability damage. Players who die get taken back to the dueling zone, and they can simply use a portal to leave the area.


For those who want to show the rest of Sanctuary what they’re made of, they could go to the inn at New Tristram and talk to Nek the Brawler to initiate duels.


Class Updates

Monk players don’t use their offensive Spirit Spenders very often considering the little damage they deal. The developers increased the damage output for all those Spirit Spenders to give Monk players more variety in playing the game.


As for the Wizard class, its Arcane Orb, Blizzard and Shock Pulse spells were also made stronger. Temporal Flux’s slow effect was modified from 30% for 2 second to 60% for 3 seconds. Illusionist can now also reset Slow Time’s cool down effect.


Crafting Additions

In response to players’ demand for more cool loot comparable to items sold in the Auction House, this patch will introduce new items required to make awesome account-bound gear (can’t be bought or sold in the Auction House). One item players must look out for is Demonic Essence, an account-bound crafting reagent necessary for making killer armor and accessories.


A new tier of gems called “Marquise” will also be available to bring characters to a whole new level of power. Rubies in this new tier will give flat damage increases, which work out better for characters with fast attack speeds. This is to give players a more balanced choice instead of just going for Emeralds that give Critical Hit damage bonus.


Monster Power Updates

Being able to customize the monsters’ difficulty let players explore all sorts of different builds, but the feature wasn’t made for Public Games because of matching problems. Blizzard went back on that and decided to make it available for 1.07, matching the player’s level to the appropriate Monster Power tweaks.


The XP bonuses have also been increased to further motivate players to find the right Monster Power level without going overboard to keep players from just maxing it out to level 10 and making their experience tedious.


Monster Affix Changes

The Reflects Damage affix for monsters now gives them a visual shield that goes off and on in intervals, reflecting damage only when it’s hit and the shield is on.

In addition, Molten packs won’t do as much damage as before while Plagued monsters do more.


Quality of Life Improvements

Dying was bad enough as it is, but dying repeatedly with the resurrection timer getting longer each time you fell in combat was just insult to injury. Thankfully, it’ll be a flat rate of 5 seconds in 1.07!


Collecting gold has also been made easier with the base pickup radius being ever so slightly increased. However, health globe pickup in melee range has been reduced so as to accommodate players who are very particular about managing their health.


With all these updates, especially the inclusion of PvP, there’d be no stopping the stirring action and excitement, as all hell breaks loose in the battle against the Legion of Seven Evils—Diablo himself.


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