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Item Flipping: A Quick Guide to Getting Diablo 3 Gold

A lot of articles on the internet  have titles like "How to Get More Gold on Diablo 3" or "Diablo 3 Gold Guide" but they don't really talk about guiding people on how to get gold. They are more like, articles that describe a certain e-book that they sell about how to farm gold on Diablo 3. With all of them around, we decided to write something that is somewhat basic, yet when done right, can be your biggest source of income in-game; I mean, even the real world does it in form of stocks. It's called Flipping.


Not this kind of flip!


Flipping (or Item Flipping, to be exact), is a simple buy and sell project. You buy something and sell it with quite a higher price. It's that simple, yet, a lot of people fail to get money on the RMAH out of this tactic. If you are part of this circle of no-gainers on the world of flips, then read on and find out what to do and what NOT to do.

When flipping:

  1. Know what items are being bought.
    1. On Diablo 3, this is the best order for important equipment stats that players look for: DPS (weapon) > primary stats > Vitality > Non-weapon +Damage > Other stats
    2. Know what item levels are getting eyed by other players. Remember that players get through Normal difficulty by 30, Hell by 50s, and Inferno by their 60s.
    3. Always prioritize items that are trending when buying.
    4. Keep looking for items – When flipping items, since the auction house sells faster than Satan… err, Diablo… you should always keep scanning for items being sold by other players. Chances are, around 60%-70% of your targeted items are those that you won’t be able to buy, but keep looking!


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    1. Buy at a price lower than the current trend– This is where your business guy side will shine up.
      1. When looking for popular trending items, look at the most average stats you can find. Chances are, since people keep looking for better ones, you will keep on running out of that exact item with your desired stats to buy. Go immediately to the average/above average ones to get higher chances of buying the desired item.
      2. Buy the slightly lowered priced ones to make sure you can get a higher profit from it.
      3. When Selling:
        •  Don’t match up with the most expensive copy of your item on the auction house. Make sure that you see at least 4%-8% smaller than the highest price of that same item to make sure that you can sell it.
        • The beauty (and horror!) of the auction house is that the [right] items there are always in demand. Thus, know the timeframe in which you will hoist your item on the market. Items are bought by other players usually around 10-30 minutes after they have been sold. If it has been on the auction house for more than 2 hours, immediately get it out by making a friend buy it or maybe one of your alternate accounts. 15% auction house fee is smaller in comparison to that AH slot.

Some Don’ts on item flipping in Diablo 3:

  1. Don’t get fooled by cheap low level gears–People are more or less on the higher end of the level chain right now. Don’t buy low level gears that you can’t sell quickly. Flipping is all about speed and pricing, so those gears that will become stale fast are not worth buying, even if they are blue or yellow items.
  2. Don’t sell very cheap – Be sure that at least 10%-20% of the actual item’s price comes back to you (minus the calculation of the auction house sale). That way, you are getting your Diablo 3 gold’s worth.
  3. Don’t do a massive hauling in of lots of items all at once – If you are buying lots of items at once, please do take care, not all of those items will be sold. It’s very risky to buy 5-10 items all at once and you can only sell 2-4 of them, which is a very bad trade-in. Focus on buying good items in small quantities to make sure the cash flows good.

Item Flipping in Diablo 3 is a gamble, and gold needs to be paid in order for gold to return back to you, multiplied. If you think you are getting short on your gold stock, check our Diablo 3 gold service and see if we can help you in starting your Item Flipping business. Good luck!


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