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Path of Exile Basic Guide for New Players

When Path of Exile first came out in beta, there was much speculation and excitement about this new game. The action role playing game genre has been dominated by classics so far, and what Path of Exile does is take the best bits from those games and add in some new things that would innovate the genre. So far, it has been making a lot of waves with gamers, and beginners too can join in on the action.

Pay Model
Right now, Path of Exile is in open beta, so it's free-to-play with some micro transactions. However, it's not pay-to-win at all as the game developer, Grinding Gear Games, is going down hard against pay-to-win misconceptions and third party real money trading services, which does a lot to wreak havoc to an online game's economic system. While you can buy various things through micro transactions to enhance your experience, you can still have a complete and fulfilling experience in Path of Exile without having to spend a penny at all.

Active Skills
One of the biggest features in Path of Exile is that the actice skills in Path of Exile are not fixed, and any class can use them to full effect. You acquire them through gems, which you can insert into sockets on your items. These gems are mostly quest rewards early in the game, but you can also get them from drops. There are three main kinds of gems according to color, which are Red for Strength, Green for Dexterity, and Blue for Intelligence.

Weapon damage will affect attack skills, while spell skills don't. As you use them more, these skill gems level up by gaining 10% of your combat experience, even if you're not gaining any due to being in an over or under leveled area. These skill gems have level and attribute requirements in order to level up.

There are six character classes in Path of Exile, three pure classes with one primary stat and three hybrid classes with two primary stats. They are the Witch, Marauder, Ranger, Templar, Shadow, and Duelist. The only real differences between them are their appearances, their starting attributes, and their place in the passive skill tree. Everything else is the same as it gives players a good chance to try out everything in the game without restricting classes too much.

It is best to start out with a pure class and learn the game from there, then trying out a hybrid class once you've gotten your feet wet. Starting with a hybrid character is possible, but it would be a bit of a more confusing experience at first, so it's recommended for beginners to start with either the Witch, Marauder, or Ranger.

Every time your character levels up, you get a passive skill point, +6 HP, +4 Mana, and +3 Evation rating, all across the board. The level cap is 100, and you can get a total of 120 Passive skill points. You can also getting Passive skill points from some quests, so they're worth getting. For now, level 100 is mostly out of reach since only level 60+ areas are available right now.


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