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Path of Exile Builds for Races

Race leagues are unique to Path of Exile as competitive outlets for ARPG players who are into optimizing every single aspect of their play in this game. Since it has been going on for quite a while now, serious veteran players have figured out the best ways of maximizing time and effort in races these days, and using the best character builds is a big part of that.

It must be said that there are no real "best builds" in Path of Exile due to the core design of Path of Exile, which is centered around build variety as the standard in the first place. That is why it's important for players who want to be competitive in races to keep an open mind and try out what's worth trying, or perhaps come up with their own ideas to suit their playing style best.

For those who are stomped, yet want to get an edge in the next race, then here are five of the best builds from previous races that you can try out. Even if you don't follow them to the last passive, you can still take the viable ideas from them and incorporate them in your own variation, as well as your own choice of Path of Exile items and other elements.

Animate Weapon Scion

This is perhaps one of the most interesting builds in the game due to how it looks and how rarely the primary skill gets used. Animate Weapon does what it says on the tin, which is animating weapons dropped on the ground to fight enemies for you. Just in case there isn't enough weapons on the ground, you should carry some in your inventory as well, then drop them on the ground when needed for animation. You should then tear through enemy ranks with your army of living weaponry.

Full Support

This is a build that requires you to play with a party since you're not exactly independently offensive. This build does four things for the party though to help them be stronger in fights. The first is building charges for Enduring Cry and Frenzy which are shared with the party due to the Conduit keystone. The second is running many auras that due much to boost stats and other properties. The third is being able to attack enemies with Killing Strike and lots of Item Rarity to boost magic find. The fourth is having Elemental Equilibrium that lets you attack with one element to bring down the other elemental resistances of those enemies.

Arc Witch

One of the two Witch builds in this list, with the Witch being great for races due to their AoE burst damage capabilities. This build is all about hitting everything with lightning, bolstered with Empower, Faster Casting, and Lightning Penetration. This build can go great with the aforementioned full support build, letting them farm really well together.

Elemental Buzzsaw Scion

This is the other Scion build in this list, which is not that surprising since the Scion is a very strong and versatile class in the game. This is a flashy one for those who like lots of stuff being hurled at a pack of enemies all at once. The elemental buzzsaw build is all the rage due to its multiple projectile fury, and many have taken to it like duck to water.

Detonante Dead Witch

This is another unusual looking build that veteran ARPG players will find rather familiar from somewhere else due to the primary skill used here. The more dead enemies there are, the more damage you can do while there are still enemies around. It's a bit like a snowball effect, but with explosions.


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