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Path of Exile Farming Locations

Farming is an integral part of the gameplay in Path of Exile, and there are many ways to do so. However, there are certain places that tend to yield better results than the rest, as veteran players had found out, so they're basically good places to start doing so and get tons of experience. If you get lucky, then you might even get some pretty good loot to boot.

Getting to these places over and over again in order to farm relies on the power of waypoints. Since these areas can be cleared of monsters, you need those waypoints to go back and forth in order to repeat the process if desired. You can do this by using CTRL+click on the waypoint in your map. You may also CTRL+click the portal to the entrance. When you do this, the mobs respawn and you can go through it all over again.

Here are the places best for farming in each act of the game.

Act I: The Ledge
This is definitely the place to be in the first act. It's just as what it says, which is a ledge. Most of what you'll be killing here are skeletons that clump up and can be taken out with splash or AoE, so this is definitely the place to be in farming items and XP. There are fast human mobs there every now and then that may complicate things, but not too much to handle.

The only real obstacle here is the big totem that shoots sparks everywhere, which takes such a big chunk of life when a bunch of them hit you that it kills you, so avoid those sparks and kill it first. If you stay diligent, you'll be racking up the experience points and some good items on the start to get you going in the game.

Act II: Fellshrine Ruins
Located in the east of this particular act, Fellshrine doesn't have a waypoint on its own, so you'll have to reach the Church portal and enter it. You'll then see the waypoint right there at the door, and then you can make use of it to farm in that location. This area is crawling with mostly undead and golems. Take note of the limited visibility, so you may not be able to locate skeleton archers in the shadows. At least you get a good farming spot here in this act for your trouble.

Act III: The Docks
You can find this area to the north, wherein you'll be fighting mostly ghost sailors, skeletons, and dogs that spew fire. It may be easy to get cornered in this location, so be careful with every step in order to not get cornered. While most packs are easy due to their slow movement speed, the dogs are the real threat since they can close in quickly and shoot fire that can most likely kill you in one or two hits.

When you decide to farm here, prepare by taking the best fire resistance along with you, preferably up to the max so you can survive if a fire breath does hit you. Of course, the best thing to do is to keep your distance at all times from those dogs and find a way to kill them along with the rest. Also, they go through totems like butter, so don’t rely on them here.


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